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One of my goals from day one was to make this website the top destination and absolute authority on the internet for all things pertaining to music ministry coaching and training. But I’ll never be able to do it alone! So I’ve decided to open the doors and invite guest bloggers from all over the world to submit your articles for inclusion on The Music Ministry Coach.com!

What We’re Looking For

The Music Ministry Coach.com is all about helping Christian/Gospel artists, groups, choirs, praise teams and musicians take their music ministry to the next level. We’re looking for experienced musicians, directors, Ministers Of Music, Praise/Worship Leaders who have wisdom, knowledge and a passion for music ministry to submit content for inclusion on the our website.  We only post content that offers some kind of coaching, training or advice that helps people improve their ministry. We’re looking for content on every facet of music ministry, from musical instrument instruction to advice on how to minister effectively and everything in between.

Guidelines For Submission

  • Written Posts must be written in English
  • Must be 500 words or more.
  • Must be grammatically correct and spell-checked
  • Must offer coaching, training or advice on some specific aspect of music ministry
  • Absolutely MUST be original (we’ll be checking and will report plagiarism)
  • No Selling! We’re looking for high-content articles, not sales letters.

Video Tutorials are also highly encouraged. Your video must be hosted on YouTube.  Submit the link to the video and include at least a paragraph explaining what’s covered in the video.

What’s In It For You

If your submission is chosen for inclusion on The Music Ministry Coach.com you will receive full credit for your work with a bio at the bottom of the post. In your bio you can include some information about yourself, your company website and links to your social media pages.

Submit Your Article!

Using the form below, submit your article to us for inclusion on the website. We read every piece of content submitted to insure only the best quality content is submitted for our readers, so it could take a few days depending on the volume of submissions. We reserve the right to refuse any article we feel doesn’t meet the standards or fit the overall theme of our  website. We also reserve the right to make any formatting edits required to make the article fit well with our site and theme. These will usually be no more than maybe a picture, title edit or text edits for grammar/punctuation, etc.

Don’t forget to include a short bio with links to your website and/or social media sites.

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