Why you get dizzy when you sing and how to fix it

Today’s blog is a video where I discuss dizziness while singing. It’s very common among gospel singers. I’ll explain what causes this and give you a vocal exercise to help stop it. Enjoy!
[youtube WwmmYJPbPzk]

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4 Responses to Why you get dizzy when you sing and how to fix it

  1. Alex says:

    Thanks so much! I was singing at church (very high) and almost fainted! Was worried it was a health issue or panic attack 🙂 This makes so much sense! Will have to take some lessons and really practice my “duh,duh”
    Thanks for sharing! God bless

  2. Frances says:

    Thanks! Very helpful!?

  3. livey owen says:

    The first time that it happened to me i was in a school play and we were practicing it before are play and we had to sing and when i was singing i could barely hear myself so i went a little higher and the more i went the more i got dizzy and now that i watched this video it helps me. And now i am better thinks.

  4. mark says:

    Thank you so much for this I was singing my heart out at church and getting faint to the point where I was all dizzy and had to stop singing when I stopped or sang less hard It was fine think I might have to sign up for some lessons 🙂

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