Why some music ministries never get better

Today I have a video blog from you. In all my videos I speak from the heart, unscripted. So you will often see the most raw emotion in my video blogs. Such is the case in today’s video, where I talk about something very dear to my heart. That is the complacent attitude of many church choirs and praise teams-even some bands. What is the mental state of your choir or praise team? Are you stuck in a rut, unwilling to move out of your comfort zone to take your music ministry higher? What can we do about it? Enjoy the video, and please leave me your thoughts.

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6 Responses to Why some music ministries never get better

  1. Angela says:

    So how do you get out of the rut? I teach each section their part and they can never remember the part. We can practice a song for months and never get it right. I am frustrated and so is the congregation. I am thinking about only singing hymns but I know this would be a disservice to those desiring more.

  2. Oseigbowa Imonikhe says:

    Well said sir. I can relate to this as well. Especially after all the drama that happened in my choir recently. And I go I am done. Truly a prophet is not honoured in his home. It’s easier to work in a place where you are valued and appreciated and not undermined.

  3. alyce says:

    Unfortunately you are hardly alone in that this is not a new issue. A prophet is without honor in his own home… Being steadfast, thank God, has its own reward. It can be a hard way to go. I do feel your angst, believe me.

  4. Toni Robinson says:

    Bro. Ron…Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I am sharing this with the rest of the praise team. Some might be offended….so be it. We do what we do as unto God and we should be very careful about what we offer Him. I said to someone that our preparation is akin to making Jello instead of a 4-course meal.
    Thank you again

  5. James Jones says:

    Hey Ron,
    Everything you stated was on target, especially about the music being a message and not just a song. People will go to hear good music followed by good preaching. These are the things that help people to get over whatever situation that they might be going through at that time. It’s nothing like good praise music to bring on a breakthrough. So I thank you for your insight that God has given you about music and it’s soul purpose. We love you and will talk to you soon.

    God bless you!!!

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