What kinds of songs does God like most?

There is no secret that God finds music and singing very important in scripture. I did a search using just the words sing, sang , sung and singing and was able to pull up 137 scriptures that reference one of those words specifically. But with all the different kinds of Christian songs being done now, I started to wonder if there is a certain kind of song God likes or seems to prefer. Is there a certain kind that stands out more in scripture?

So I went looking. And while I was not surprised at all to find singing and music mentioned so often, I was definitely surprised to learn that God definitely has a favorite! It appears that of all the different kinds of songs the bible mentions- all the different ways songs and music are used and all the different kinds of songs mentioned, there is one kind mentioned more in the bible than any other kind of song. That is songs to God, or to the Lord.

There are more scriptures that tell us to sing songs this way than any other way. The bible does mention singing songs about God, about teaching, doctrine, hymns, etc. But no other kind of singing is mentioned in the bible more than singing to God or to the Lord. In one article I was reading on the subject, the writer shared that his own research counted no less than 60 scriptures that tell us specifically to sing unto the Lord or to God. Here are just a few as examples:

Acts 16:25 Romans 15:9 Ephesians 5:19 Col 3:16 Hebrews 2: 12 Exodus 15:21 Exodus 15:21 Exodus 15:21 Judges 5:3 2 Sam 22:50 1 Chronicles 16:9

That’s just 10 scriptures that encourage us to sing this kind of song. They go on and on throughout the bible, from the first mention of singing until the last. Col 3:16 is probably one of the most well-known of all scriptures about singing because it gives us the blue print of what God wants us to sing about.

When you start thinking about all of the most powerful, most endearing songs of today you realize many of them do just that. Think about Richard Smallwood’s “Total Praise”. Decades later it’s still one of the most powerful songs ever written. I believe it’s because it does everything scripture tells us God wants us to do in a song. It sings of His mercy, His grace, His peace, His power, strength-

” Lord I will lift mine eyes to the hills/ knowing my help comes from You/ Your peace You give me in times of the storm. You are the source of my strength/ You are the strength of my life/ I lift my hands in total praise to You”.

These are the kinds of songs God seems to love above all other kinds.

When you really search the scripture and begin looking at the kinds of songs that were sung (you can find the actual lyrics to songs in many places in the bible) it really makes you more aware of just how “wrong” a lot of the songs are that we hear today. Songs that talk about other people, or songs that were written to scold, beat-up on or reprimand (I won’t list examples but I could- especially in Gospel).

So really, what we have here is a very clear and easy way to choose songs that you know will please God. Songs that talk directly to God or to the Lord using first person and personal pronouns. When you sing songs that talk of his goodness, mercy, grace, power, love (I could go on and on with that list)…and you sing them directly to Him…you will be singing a song near and dear to the very heart of God.

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18 Responses to What kinds of songs does God like most?

  1. Nurisha Liggins says:

    Beautifully written. This is exactly what the Body needs to hear. Worship to HIM should be sang TO HIM. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Isaiah Liggins says:

    Thanks you Mr. Cross. This reinforces what I heard from the Lord. This is a MUST TEACH to praise and worship leaders, who are (most) sincere, but are missing it.

  3. Alyce Harris says:

    Just now able to read through. This is special and significant. As a non-music ministry reader (something about that is happening!?!) Singing (out loud, but alone) so pervades my life, I can’t live without that. The power of music…words are failing me…so POWERFUL. Stuff happens when voice is lifted to God. When you have multiple voices, in spiritual alignment (hearts, minds, focus); and those voices are skilled and passionate…and then all that committed just elevates everything. Stuff happens! This has been affirming and reassuring. Thank you!

  4. Elizabeth Askegard says:

    I thank the (Lord God )that He’ put it in your heart to write it posts, one thing I love about it posts you have scripture
    to back up what you are saying is true,I love song about
    the (Lord God) and I love singing to Him.when I sing to HIm
    I feel His Awesome Present, Thank You, Ron

  5. Jenny Shain says:

    The power of worship music is amazing! When we sing, it changes the worshipper. Something innate in the human spirit that was created to worship & cannot be filled with anything else. I love the verses you included in here! What a great reminder of what we were created to do!

  6. I know it blesses my spirit and fills my soul when I sing to my Creator. Honestly, sometimes I wonder why we ever sing any other songs in church ~ we are praising and worshiping our Maker! I feel like some songs should be left to the radio for encouragement, but the sanctuary is made for Him and Him alone! Just what my spirit connects with.

  7. Claudia Looi says:

    Singing to the Lord ushers in the Holy Spirit and sets the tone for an atmosphere of worship. Great article, Ron.

  8. Penny says:

    Great post Ron…I love to just sing from my heart! 🙂

  9. Carolyn says:

    Amen… I agree when you sing to God you get a total different feeling… you begin to feel the anointing.. and God gets the glory!!

  10. Milissa says:

    Awesome post Ron!!! I will sing unto the Lord a new song!!

  11. Olga Hermans says:

    Great article about us singing to the Lord; I love it when songs spring up out of my heart to the Lord and listen to the words that the Holy Spirit uses to sing to the Lord; they are always like you say that we are totally dependent on Him. Thanks!

  12. Thank you, Ron. Our songs must be to Him from our heart. Makes our worship much more personal~

  13. I love this challenge most of all, to sing from my heart to His! Thanks, Ron!!

  14. denny hagel says:

    When singing to the Lord I always feel a much deeper connection to Him than I do when using the spoken word…thanks for sharing this!

  15. Jackie Pack says:

    Ron, thank you so much for this post! I will use these scriptures with my choir–they are powerful and lift my soul to want to sing to the Lord. I had just pulled out my file folder with “Sing Hallelujah to the Lord”, singing it in my soul as I was reading your blog. Amen!!!

  16. I love reading your posts Ron because they take me to a different level in my worship. Thank you for your insight and wisdom.

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