Vocal Ministry Breakthrough!

Discover How To Eliminate Physical And Mental Limitations That Distract And Hinder You From Truly Giving God Your Best When You Sing

Amazing new vocal training course for Gospel singers reveals the secret vocal techniques professional Gospel singers use, all without ever leaving your home.

From: Ron Cross
Date: Sunday 8:00 am

Frustrated with your vocal ability lately? Do you feel like you’re not really able to give God your best when you sing? Do you feel like there’s always some part of you that’s being held back because of physical limitations in your voice, like range and breathing? Like you’re never able to just completely surrender and be totally used of God while you’re singing?

You’re not alone. Many, many Gospel singers just like you feel the same way every Sunday. As a Gospel singer and parts instructor for over 30 years I’ve not only seen this many times but I’ve experienced it many times. I know what it’s like to be on that stage in the middle of a song and start feeling that tightness coming on as your voice starts to get tired. It takes your focus off God and ministry and puts you in this unfortunate place emotionally where you’re just trying to get through it. For any serious Gospel singer who wants to give God their best, that’s a bad feeling.

And like many people do, I learned to compensate. Often I would just avoid the higher notes by doing something safe.  Even worse though, many times I’d just turn down songs altogether just because I thought they were too high for me. Can you relate?

But you and I know that’s just a temporary fix. It robs you of a lot of great opportunities to minister songs that really mean a lot to you. Songs you would love to sing.

And Then It Hit Me!

After years of dealing with this both in my own singing and in the voices of choir members I teach as a parts teacher, I realized something was wrong. Why, I thought, didn’t professionals have this problem? We’re singing a couple of songs once a week. Recording artists sing almost constantly, yet they don’t seem to deal with the strain, hoarsness, limited range or any of the other common issues we seem to have.

They must have some kind of vocal training that teaches them how to overcome these issues, I thought. So I set out to find the answers, and my quest eventually led me to become certified as a professional vocal coach in Speech Level Singing technique.

But when I came back and began excitedly offering my services to the Gospel community I found a lot of resistance. It really all boiled down to the fact that face to face lessons with a professionally trained vocal coach was just out of reach financially for most people.

But if I didn’t charge a professional rate I couldn’t stay in business! So, while I was helping a select few that could study with me, I felt called to do much more and help many more people on a much wider scale. I knew I had to come up with a better way.

What if, I thought, I could create an on-line vocal training course and make it as close as possible to working with me live, but also make it so affordable that almost anyone could do it? So I prayed about it and God gave me the answer.

Vocal Ministry Breakthrough

Vocal Ministry Breakthrough is a home study vocal training program that is unlike any other home study program I’ve seen. It’s a 6 month program that includes 18 easy-to-follow video vocal lessons.

I designed these lessons to be as close as possible to actually coming to my home studio and standing right in front of me for your lessons. So what you see is me, sitting behind the keyboard and taking you through your vocal exercises, coaching you all the way. Start your video lesson, stand up and work out right along with me, just like any other “home workout ” DVD. The lessons are fun and engaging so you won’t get bored with them and quit.
Even more importantly though, they’re quick and to the point, so you can get your lesson in and get back to your life.


“Simple and effective”

I love these nice bite-sized lessons! Simple and effective. I can’t wait for the next one! -Anita

Dramatically Different Than Any Other Home Study Course Available

 Vocal Ministry Breakthrough is unlike any other home vocal training course available right now and the only home study course of it’s kind dedicated exclusively to coaching your music ministry to the next level. It’s easy, it’s real, it’s engaging, it’s funny, and it speaks to you right where you are as a music ministry singer and servant.?

  • No boring manuals or books to read. Each lesson comes to you in video format
  • Super Affordable! Make 6 easy monthly payments and your membership is good for life.
  • No information overload! Instead of a massive amount of information piled on you all at once, I’ll send you a short, 10-20 minute lesson every 10 days. Easy to fit into your busy schedule so you’ll be sure to stick with it!
  • Interesting, engaging, funny and real! You’ll see me laugh, be silly, even crack and mess up!
  • Training that’s easy to understand.  I don’t use fancy anatomy words or complicated anologies when I teach. You’ll get clear explanations and demonstrations in plain English.
  • You’re never locked into a long term contract! I understand things come up unexpected sometimes. That’s why you can cancel your membership at any time in the course with no penalties or further payments.


“wow, wow, wow!”

Wow, wow, wow, wow!!! Okay I’ve done the bubble blowing exercise before with another vocal coach but she didn’t really explain the purpose of the exercise. So I thought she was crazy! Until years later when I heard Jill Scott do it on one of her albums and I was mad because I couldn’t do it. Then I find Ron Cross and he breaks down the exercise and what the purpose of it is. And now in this lesson you introduce that second scale which I have never heard before and all I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW! You are the bomb Mr. Cross!!!!

“I came in with my doubts…”

Ron, Thank you so much.  I really enjoyed the training and your techniques are truly making a difference for me. Wow! what a blessing. I came in with my doubts…. but that changed quickly. I have noticed a difference and so have others. I am so excited! -Dana

6 Months Of Lessons For The Price Of One Lesson In Person

I don’t know if you’ve ever looked into taking vocal lessons live or not, but they’re not cheap. If you wanted to study in person with me you’d need to pony up $95 an hour. And I’m one of the more reasonable ones! The average here in Dallas Ft. Worth is between $110 all the way up to $150 which is what I pay my vocal coach for my lessons. Other areas of the country like California average as high as $200 an hour or more. I didn’t want price to hinder anyone from taking this course who believes God has led them here.

So I’ve priced Vocal Ministry Breakthrough to be easily affordable for almost anyone. Join Vocal Ministry Breakthrough today for only  $27 a month for 6 months.  That’s it! 6 payments and you’re done. But your membership is good for life and you can access the content any time. It will not go away or expire or disappear, EVER.   Plus you’ll have access to new content and lessons free for as long as you’re a member.

“Amazing changes in just a few weeks..”

This is amazing. I no longer produce light sounds when crossing my bridges. Also the lip roll exercises have made my head voice ‘silky’. I can’t think of another word to describe the sound of my head voice. All this has happened within a few weeks of doing the exercises consistently every day. Thanks so much Ron, for your contribution. You are a blessing- Kemi

Instant Bonus 1:

Get 4 Bonus Lessons When You Join

In addition to the 18 lesson that come with Vocal Ministry Breakthrough, I’m also including 5 additional introductory lessons. These lessons will be a great reference as you move through the first few lessons in the course. All 5 bonus lessons plus lesson one of VMB will be waiting for you when you join!

Instant Bonus 2:
3 Additional Mindset Coaching Modules

One of the things that make this course unlike any other home study course available is that it’s not just a vocal training course. It’s a vocal ministry training course. That’s why I’ve also included 3 additional training modules called the Music Ministry Mindset. In these videos I’ll talk to you about some of the mental and emotional challenges we face as ministers of music. No vocal training here, just me and you, discussing some of the most challenging issues we face in music ministry. No other vocal training course has anything like these, you get them free with Vocal Ministry Breakthrough.

Both bonuses are  yours… absolutely free as your BONUS for joining Vocal Ministry Breakthrough today.

A Word Of Warning!! Please Read Before Going Any Further


I want to be completely honest here. Vocal Ministry Breakthrough is NOT for everyone. Some people don’t have the discipline, dedication or self-motivation to do well with a home study course. If you’re one of those people I want you to STOP reading this page now. Vocal Ministry Breakthrough isn’t for you.

I only want people who are dedicated, self-motivated and serious about taking their ministry to the next level. I’d rather not have you as a customer at all than to be taking your money knowing you’re not doing the lessons. So if you don’t think you have self-discipline to log in every 10 days, take a 10-20 minute lesson with me and then practice what we learned for about 15 minutes today until the next lesson, you honestly should NOT join Vocal Ministry Breakthrough.

  • If you’re ready to stop worrying about your voice giving out before you’re done ministering…
  • If you’re ready to finally be able to give yourself completely when you’re ministering so God can use you…
  • And if you’re ready to overcome mental and physical distractions that are keeping you from taking your ministry to the next level… then pay attention because I’m ready to help you get what you want.


Here’s Everything You’ll Get Instantly,
As Soon As You Join the
“Vocal Ministry Breakthrough”
Home Vocal Training Program…

  • 18 Video Vocal Lessons 
  • 4 Bonus Lessons “Starter Lessons” 
  • 3 Additional Music Ministry Mindset Coaching Modules
  • Lifetime Membership For Only 6 Easy, Automated Payments
  • Free Support Via Our Growing Facebook Community 
  • Discounted Rates On Live One-On-One Skype Lessons

And It Comes with This Cancel Anytime
“No Questions Asked” Priority Guarantee!

I’m absolutely confident that you’ll know within the first week or so whether or not this is right for you. But as I said I know things change unexpectedly. So any time you feel you need to discontinue your lessons you can do so with no questions asked and no further obligations. But I’m going to go even further than that.

I’ll give you a 30 day full money back guarantee! Take up to 30 days to try this course. If you don’t like it simply contact me and I’ll refund your payment. I’m taking absolutely all the risk off you and placing it squarely on my shoulders.

Why? Because I’m confident you’ll stay in, you’ll take the lessons and do your practicing, and you’ll see dramatic results. Then you’ll send me a testimonial telling me how much your ministry has improved since taking the course.

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Affordable Monthly Payments Available!

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