The Power Of Watching Incredible Performances

I believe every singer, musician or music lover in general should, on a regular basis, seek out and experience some kind of incredible musical performance. I’m talking OMG performances. The kind that makes you buck your eyes and sit there with your jaw in your lap.
There is nothing like seeing performances like these live, of course. But honestly many of us aren’t likely to do that on a regular basis. YouTube, however; now there’s a place where you can find a never ending supply of videos full of absolutely astounding musical performances.

Why is it so important for us all to experience these kinds of performances regularly? Because they awaken, stir up and re-ignite the passion that we all have for music. Watching a video or live performance of someone or a group of people just at the absolute pinnacle of  excellence has an amazing way of instantly making you remember how deeply you really love music.

We forget sometimes, you know. We still like it, even like it a lot. But often it becomes so routine for us that we don’t realize we don’t quite feel the same as we used to. Even when we’re listening to artists we like.

But catch a really amazing performance- and I mean something on a level that you can barely wrap your head around- and you’ll feel emotions you haven’t felt in a while. Most importantly though, watching performances like that have a very unique way of creating this instant desire to get better. Nothing else makes you want to enhance and improve your gift like watching someone at an incredible level of skill with theirs.

Often we can get to a place where we’re “coasting”, so-to-speak. We don’t really have any motivation to go to any lengths to take our talents to a new level because what we’re doing is “working fine” for the nice little comfort zone we’ve built for ourselves.

But when you watch someone else performing in a whole other relm from where you are, you suddenly realize how much better you could be. And how much more powerful and anointed your music ministry would be if you were.

So if you’re kinda in a rut, not really unhappy but not really excited about your gift, I recommend finding and watching some of the most amazing performances you can locate. Then just allowing yourself to be completely immersed in it. By the time you’re done you’ll have a whole new attitude.
[youtube 0SJIgTLe0hc]

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