The Music Ministry is Live!

Hello Everyone!

Well, the time has come to pull back the curtains on the new direction; the new incarnation of Ron Cross Vocal Studios and Ron Cross, Vocal Coach and Sound Witness Productions.

Welcome to The Music Ministry!!

This new direction, this new re-branding of my company has been a life-time in the making. I’ve been a professional vocal coach since 2005. I’ve taught all kinds of singers in all kinds of genres. But I’ve been working in the music ministry since I was 15 or 16 years old. I’ve always had a desire to do more with the gifts God has given me. To reach beyond the walls of my own church. But for years I kept the business world separate from the ministry world.


Simple; fear. Fear that I couldnt’ be successful with a business that catered to the Gospel/Christian community. Doubt that they would accept or support…or PAY!…for professional services. You know the reputation, I’m sure. But God kept speaking to me about it, and the urge just got stronger and stronger, until I just had to answer the call. And many, many years after my mom told me this is what I should be doing, I finally answered the call.

I’m excited about this new direction because I know that as successful as I’ve been teaching clients from all walks and genres of music, I’ll be able to do so much more for singers who work in the music ministry. Why? Simply because I know you so well. I am the people I serve. I am a lover of God. A Worshiper and one who loves to praise God in music ministry, holding back nothing.

I know what it’s like to want so badly just to give God everything when you minister in song. To be free. To flow in the spirit with no distractions from any outside source, physical or mental. That’s what I want to bring to Gospel and Christian singers all over the country who want to take their ministries to the next level.

Here you’ll find high level training services and packages for singers designed to help you do just that. But you’ll also find a wealth of information about both sides of the music ministry; singing and musicianship. After all, you can’t have a site about music ministry without content for the musicians!

I play keyboards, but I’m no expert. So most of my blogs about musicianship will either be pointing out great resources I use myself or re-posting information from those sources.

I’m so excited about this new direction, and I’m excited you’re here! I want to use this company and this site to change the culture in music ministry. To change the mindset from one of complacency to one of excellence. I hope you’ll join me and become a part of this community.

Please feel free to leave a comment! I want to hear from you, if for nothing else than to pat me on the back and say congratulations, come on in and say hello.

This is only the beginning!


Be Blessed,

Ron Cross

The Music Ministry

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