The Best Place To Find Your Next Church Musician

One of the biggest challenges churches and music ministries face is finding a gospel musician. Gifted church musicians who can handle all the different challenges, changes and musical styles of the average Gospel church service are in very high demand and many are already committed to a church that keeps them very busy. Some are dividing their time between more than one church.

When you’re trying to find a musician who can be there for all of your important services, rehearsals and engagements you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who has the time to commit. In short, you need someone who can come to your church, join as a member and be a dedicated musician to your church, your music department and all of the rehearsals and performances that come with it.

Yet even churches who are offering paid positions have a very difficult time finding a musician, despite resorting to even paid advertising to fill the position. But what if I told you that the absolute best place to find your next musician is probably the last, and yet the most obvious place to look? It’s true. Because the absolute hands-down best place to find your next musician is your own congregation. Yes, your own church. In fact every single member of the band at my church has been a member there since childhood. We are all musicians born and bred right there at the church we serve at.

Think about it. Who is going to be more dedicated, involved, faithful and available than someone who is already a member of your church? Someone who’s heart is already there? Consider all of the most talented church musicians at your average church. Aren’t they usually related to the pastor or someone else there? Aren’t they usually someone that has been there since they were a child and grew up there? Yup, many times they are. Ever try getting musicians like that to leave their church and play for someone else, even for good money? Exactly.

But you may be thinking “well that’s great Ron but we don’t have ANYBODY right now. We need someone that kinda knows how to play. Someone that can at least play songs for the praise team or the choir. We don’t have the luxury of waiting years for someone to learn.”

I get that. But remember we’re living in the age of information now. There is so much information and training out there now that someone who knows nothing about playing can  be playing for your church in a very, very short time. One such resource I use and recommend exclusively is The Gospel Music Training Center. (aff. link)

This is without a doubt the fastest way I know of to get a person up to speed as a Gospel musician, to the point where he can play for not only the choir and praise team, but the entire service. And this site has awesome training for all levels, not just beginners. Even intermediate to advanced players can take their craft to the next level here.

I’ve been a member myself and have seen some pretty dramatic improvements in my own playing. This is nothing short of having some of the best Gospel musicians in the world sit down and show you the chords to some of the hottest gospel songs out there, calling them out note by note. I love it because it really helps you understand the theory behind what makes music work while also giving you the tools you need to start playing songs NOW.

Make no mistake though, it will still take lots of practice and dedication. A brand new person can sit down with these videos and learn to play a song- especially praise and worship songs- by simply practicing it over and over until the muscle memory kicks in. But in the process that person will also be learning some very fundamental principals that will help them with other songs in the future. Because GMTC doesn’t just give the notes and chords. They’re also teaching you the number system, and how those chords can be used in several other songs. Then they shoot another video that includes a more advanced version, and in some cases even a third video that explains all the theory. Honestly I haven’t seen anything like it available for Gospel Musicians or people who would like to be.

At this writing they’re offering a $1 trial for the first month. Plus they even have several free examples on the page to view. Check it out and let me know what you think! 
Gospel Music Training Center .


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15 Responses to The Best Place To Find Your Next Church Musician

  1. Lois Dinkins says:

    Looking for church Hammond B3 Organist and Keyboardist / Music Director that can sing and conduct choir rehearsals in Orangeburg SC.
    If interested, please contact Min. Lois Dinkins

  2. Bacari Walker says:

    Hi I am Pastor Bacari Walker I’m a pastor of a very small church and I’m looking for a musician to play on the first and third Sundays and annual days, and someone that know how to sing and have choir practice please email me if you’re interested and more details we will be given later

  3. Ms. C says:

    We are looking for a keyboard player/ Music Director full-time in Sebring, FL.

  4. Phil Chapman says:

    Looking for Church in Edmonton, AB (Canada). I play (at a professional level) sax, flute, bass, guitar, keyboard (synths and piano), drums, vocals, clarinet, and percussion (chimes, shakers, claves, cabasa). I am able to go into any band/church, and play any instrument – by ear or by music. I’ve played and/or performed with Mickey Joseph, Starship, Miami Sound Machine, Huey Lewis and the News, KC and the Sunshine Band, Peter Noone, The Drifters, Hank Williams Jr, The Beach Boys. I’m the guy who invented and holds the Trademark for “Pyro Sax” and “MC Squared”.

    Phone 780-942-2795 (land line)

    I have performed on Television NUMEROUS times, and have been featured in magazines and even local newspapers. (see my referral on The Eagles’ site:

    I have all professional equipment, and I know when to play, and when to “back off”. Let me come and audition for your Church. I no longer do “jams” – only paid bands and free Churches. Unlike most “famous” performers, I sing and play WITHOUT auto-tune or chirp tracks. These video clips are live, and energetic, so I do what Prince, Janet Jackson, Madonna DO NOT do – I play *for real*.

    I have headset mics, condenser and dynamic mics, mixer, even several PA systems. Too much pro equipment to list here, but will gladly send upon request.

    I also perform (for a living) singing telegrams, such as Elvis, Beatles, Indiana Jones, Arnold (Terminator), Nerd… and much more. I am also a CLEAN comedian – for Churches and Seniors.

    Although I find it very ironic – modern Churches cite “there is no place for harp, strings, or trumpets in Churches”, yet Psalms 150 clearly states:
    3 Praise Him with the trumpet blast;
    praise Him with harp and lyre.
    4 Praise Him with tambourine and energy;
    praise Him with flute and strings (orchestra).
    5 Praise Him with resounding cymbals;
    praise Him with clashing cymbals.
    6 Let everything that breathes praise the Lord.

  5. Art Wuertz says:

    Joy Lutheran (ELCA) in Ocala is seeking an Organist/Pianist and choir accompanist. We worship about 200 on a Sunday

  6. Elle says:

    Our church is in need of a Keyboard Player, the location is 5 miles outside of Springfield, TN. That’s 30 miles N. of Nashville. TN. Must be able to play Black Contemporary & Traditional music by ear. Must be dependable, and dedicated to play for church services full time. and choir rehearsals every other sat.

  7. Cedric Orrin says:

    Looking for small church to play for.20 years experience, choir director, can read music. Love the Lord.

  8. Sonya says:

    Thanks for the information! I need to rejoin this site. I am struggling getting back to learning/ the piano/keyboards.

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