Sunday Best wrap-up for the 8-19-12 airing; We’re down to the final 2!

In Sunday’s airing of BET’s hit Gospel talent competition Sunday Best the remaining 4 contestants were cut in half, leaving only two contestants to compete for the title of Sunday Best for 2012. Watch today’s episode of The 4th Judge Report below for all the details and to find out who went home…and who, in my humble opinion, got ROBBED.

[youtube hpfuFLzbE08]

Sunday Best Recap for 7-29-12 : We’re down to 6!

Everyone in the world was watching prime time coverage of the 2012 Olympic games at 7:pm Central time Sunday night- but not me! I was too busy watching Sunday Best on BET and feverishly taking notes so I could bring you another fresh episode of  The Sunday Best 4th Judge Report.

In this episode I continue to follow the contestants as they compete for the remaining spots in the competition. As usual, you’ll get a brief recap of the judges’ comments as well as my own commentary.  So let’s go!

[youtube 1aGCN8BWbEg]