Deleted footage from Day 3 of my free vocal training course

If you’ve taken advantage of my free 5 day video vocal training course, you already know it’s real, high content vocal training with detailed explanations, actual vocal exercises and demonstrations. You may not know however, that each video lesson in the course actually started out about twice as long as the final version you see.

Today, for the first time I’m going to show you deleted footage that was actually cut from day 3 to make it shorter. You’re going to find this training very interesting, and I think it will clear up a lot of things for you. Enjoy! Please do me a favor and comment, like it and share it.


[youtube Et1XBuUXqbo]

9 ways we can help improve your church’s music ministry

9If you grew up in the church working in music ministry, you know that we pretty-much learned everything by trial and error. Some people were in fact blessed to have a mentor to sit under to learn their craft, but that’s the exception, not the norm. I learned how to teach vocal harmony and direct the choir on my own. God gave me the gift of a good pair of ears and a natural ability to teach, but I had to learn my craft by getting in front of the choir and making mistakes. Then, sometimes, getting in front of the church and making mistakes. So my main mission and reason for starting The Music Ministry is to provide professional-level training products and services to the music ministry that have traditionally not been available before. Here then, are 9 ways (some of them free) my company can help train, enhance and improve your church’s music ministry.
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