Piano Fingering; which finger goes where and why?

I’ve been playing keyboard for years now, but I’m self taught and I’ve never had lessons. One thing I struggle with often, especially when trying to do some kind of run or something, is where to place my fingers. What’s the proper fingering for all those great piano and organ runs? How do you know where to place your fingers on the keyboard or organ when you’re doing Gospel runs?

Well I found a video that really made it plain for me. I love it when someone teaches in plain, easy-to-understand language. The instructor in this video really did a great job of taking something that many piano teachers over-complicate, and explaining it in very common-sense language. I’ve never heard proper piano fingering explained quite this way. Check it out and by all means, please follow the link over to his channel and subscribe or leave him a comment.

Piano Fingering: Which Finger Goes Where, And Why?

http://www.playpianocatalog.com Piano Fingering: Which Finger Goes Where, And Why? There are some excellent reasons to use the fingering that is recommended …