We Fall Down- The Original Version (before Donnie did it)

Ok gang, so my intention today was to write a blog about the importance of stepping outside of your normal channels, sources and styles for music and listening to other styles of Christian music.  I was going to tell you all kinds of great stuff about how African-American singers, groups and praise teams should make it a point to listen to more than Gospel artists- and vice versa for that matter.

In fact I was chatting with a friend about praise and worship on Twitter the other day about how predominantly African-American praise teams are really missing out if they don’t consider some of the absolutely beautiful worship music being produced by our Caucasian brothers and sisters in Christ.

Then I was going to share some examples of some really popular songs that have been huge hits for African-American Gospel artists, but many may not be aware that they are actually re-makes of songs originally done by Contemporary Christian artists. The point I was going to make in this blog is that often the best source for new material is great material that is already out there.

Then I thought about someone who is a master at taking existing songs from other genres, remaking or adapting them and making them his own; Donnie McClurkin. Every time I think about this in fact, I think about the song We Fall Down, which is still to date one of his biggest hits ever. But like many of the songs Donnie does, many would be surprised to know he was not the first to sing it. that’s right, Donnie didn’t write that song.

So I thought, “I’ll go find the YouTube video of the original song and share it with my readers”.  That’s something I’ve been wanting to do for years, actually-share the original song- even back when I was a mobile DJ. Because I know that most African-American Christians have never heard this version and didn’t even know it existed. “They’ll be amazed at how much different Donnie’s version is, yet how much he stuck with the integrity of the original”, I thought, “and that’s the main point I’m going to try to get across in this blog. I’ll come up with a list of 5 ways to remake a song blah blah blah”.

Yup, I was thinking very analytically, formulating my thoughts, getting my outline together in my head. I was good do go, and completely composed. Until I found the original song on Youtube. You see I hadn’t heard the original myself in a while, and I’d forgotten a few things. The song was released so long ago in fact, that it took some digging to find it. But once I heard it again everything else I’d planned to do in this blog went out the window. Another time, perhaps.

Today though, please stop everything you’re doing and listen to the original version of We Fall Down, by Bob Carlisle.

[youtube 8nsUbPFDktY]