How to deal with difficult members as a music ministry leader

181/365 We Are Not AmusedI was just asked this week by one of family members on my Fan Page about leading through difficulties. Now, I’ve been in music ministry for over 30 years, but whether or not I’ve actually been a “leader” is debatable. I’m often referred to as one of the leaders because I’m always up front teaching songs and such. So while I’ve had my share of experiences and encounters with personnel challenges (both as the leader dealing with the challenges and the person creating the challenge,( lol) I wanted to be sure I gave my friend the best answer I could.

The first thing I do when I’m about to write a blog is draw from my own experience. Often that’s enough for me to write an article I think has enough real, relevant content to be a blessing to the reader. In this case I didn’t think I did, so I wanted to do a little research before I answered my friend. What I came across was a great article on the subject that I was really encouraged by. I’d like to share that with you today.

The author’s name is David Santistivan, who writes a blog for worship leaders and musicians. David wrote a blog on the subject entitled Rudeness In The Ranks:  How Do You Handle Difficult Worship Team Members?  In the article David offers 4 great tips for dealing with difficult team members. Not only is the article a great read, but other readers have added even more great content to the conversation via their comments.

So be sure to click the link above and head on over to David’s blog. If you leave a comment be sure and tell him you learned about him here on The Music Ministry For even more help with your worship/praise team check out Praise Team 101 .

Be blessed!

3 ways to keep DRAMA off your praise team

What is it about Praise And Worship teams that attract so much dissension? Why is there seemingly so much more animosity and discord in the praise team, of all places, than in any of the other groups? I’ve often thought about this. I’ll discuss it with you briefly in today’s blog and offer 3 ideas I believe will greatly reduce or minimize drama on your Praise Team.

1. Implement an in-depth interview/evaluation process for new members
A “come one come all”, open-door membership policy is a sure-fire way to insure you will always be dealing with a lot of drama on your praise team. Why? Because many people gravitate to praise teams for all the wrong reasons.
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