Newsflash: Adlib Like A Pro Gets Price Reduction

I’m very excited to announce some great news about my latest training video Adlib Like A Pro. After weeks of split testing different price points, one has emerged as the clear winner. And I’m excited that it just happened to be one of the lower price points I was testing.

I tested 3 versions of the sales page for Adlib Like A Pro, changing only the price. The original price has always sold steadily without any paid advertising. A new higher price was also selling during the testing. So Adlib Like A Pro has consistently sold at every price point I tested. It just so happens that the most optimal price point- the one that received the most sales during the testing- happened to be lower than the original price…which is great for YOU!

Listen guys, this product is shaping up to be a very important and sought after training tool for song leaders of all experience levels. Take a look at some feedback from some people who have purchased Adlib Like A Pro:

“Thank you so much for offering such valuable information. The way you broke the steps down makes it a lot less intimidating. At my last choir rehearsal I was called on to lead a song and was almost frozen in panic because I had no idea what to say in the ad libs. This program has truly blessed me and I am so excited to start using the tools”. -Gretchen

.”.it is a great resource with much needed information about being able to Ad Lib. I watched it and immediately put what I learned to use the next time I was asked to do a “sermonic solo”. Great job sir!”- Larry

“Thank you for sharing your tools and in such an easy way. Your system is amazing & thank you for the encouragement as well. I believe this will help me take my ministry to new depths and arenas. These tools +Gods help & anointing = unstoppable force! God Bless!” -Lisa

“You have an awesome step by step process for true, authentic ministry in song that can be applied to (at the risk of sounding blasphemous ;) ) outside genres or even public speaking. I’ve always been a call and response kind of gal, but I love the other options you added.” -Carol


I have more guys, but you get the idea. This product is taking people to new levels in their ministry after only 43 minutes of training. And now I’m pleased to announce that the price has been lowered to just $19! So whether you’ve seen Adlib Like A Pro or didn’t even know it existed, now is the time to take advantage of this special one-of-a-kind training system that is helping people abolish their fear of leading songs in less than an hour’s time.

Any good internet marketing expert will tell you to NEVER stop testing. So this won’t be the last time I do this kind of split testing. Remember I haven’t done a paid campaign for this product yet! When I do I will likely test the price point again. Next time we might not be so blessed, and the price may just go up!

So if God has been dealing with you to lead songs but you’ve been afraid to do it because you can’t adlib, now is the time. If you’ve ever found yourself frozen on stage with your mind completely blank, now is the time. If you’ve ever gotten to the end of everything you had to say but they just wouldn’t end the song so you ended up just standing there looking at the director….NOW IS THE TIME!!

Click the link below and get Adlib Like A Pro at this new low price, while it’s still this low!

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How to ad-lib like pro overnight

How to ad-lib like pro overnight

Doug Todd adlibsAd-libbing, by definition, is the art of making it up as you go. In Gospel music it’s often referred to as “pressing”. Many would-be lead vocalists, in fact, avoid leading songs at all simply because of they don’t think they’re good enough at ad-libbing to “carry” the song .

It is one of the most feared tasks many singers face in all generes of music, not just Gospel. But it doesn’t have to be! What if I told you you could become almost instantly better at doing ad-libs without taking a single lesson or doing any studying beyond what you’re about to read here?
What I’m about to share with you is one of those “well guarded industry secrets” that, once you know it, you go….”that’s it???” It’ll seem painfully obvious once you read it.

I don’t have to tell you that what scares people about ad-libbing is having to make things up on the fly, in the middle of a performance, in real time, right in front of everybody! That’s a lot of opportunities to stumble or get tongue-tied, freeze up, go blank, etc. That’s exactly why most professionals don’t, and you shouldn’t either.

If you’re a regular follower of my blogs, you’ve seen me talk about the importance of being prepared and well-rehearsed. Knowing as much as possible in advance. Nowhere is this more important than in ad-libbing. The “skill” is a nice one to have, but it’s importance is way over-rated. It’s way more important to nail that song without any mistakes, than it is to be really good at making stuff up on the fly. At the end of the day nobody knows or cares if you’re making it up or if you wrote it all down a week ago.

So the secret to great ad-libbing is to do the exact opposiite of it’s meaning. Write your ad-libs in advance! Yes, I know that’s a direct contradiction of the very meaning of ad-lib. But consider this. If you’re doing a song where you know you’re going to need to ad-lib, and you know you simply don’t have have the mental quickness and confidence yet to make it up as you go (and the thought of trying scares the crap out of you ) then what makes more sense than writing some stuff out in advance?!

First of all, as I always say, the more you know in advance the better you’re going to perform. You’re going to be less nervous, more polished, more comfortable.

Secondly, nobody in the audience will know (or care) that you wrote your stuff out in advance. They’ll think you’re awesome.

So the next time you’re faced with singing a song where you’ll have to ad-lib a lot, sit down with a pen and pad, and write down as many lines as you can think of that would fit the subject matter you’re singing about.

Rehearse these lines and get familiar with how you want to sing them in the song. There’s no need to rehearse and memorize them in any certain order. It’s really about having a pool of material to pull from that you’ve come up with in advance so you don’t have to come up with it live in front of an audience. Not about memorizing a complicated sequence of lines in a certain order. That’ll just make you more nervous.

In fact the more random the better, in my opinion. I personally don’t like to hear a person rhyming in their ad-libs. It sounds too rehearsed and to me, makes it really obvious they wrote them in advance. Stay away from that and you’ll sound like you’re making it up as you go.

The cool thing about this is that over time you’ll build up a sort of “mental rolodex” of material you can draw from at any time. it’s a lot like scripture in the sense that what you hide in your heart is there for the Holy Spirit to bring back to your memory when you need it. So in time you’ll be able to truly make it up on the fly, right out of your spirit.

But until then, if you want to be instantly better at ad-libbing, don’t try to make it up live, writing some things down will definitely help at least alleviate some of the fear you have of ever stepping out there to sing. If you’re someone who has tried that before and were unsuccessful, you may be wondering what else you could do in the meantime to help you get to that place I mentioned above. After all, just writing stuff down and memorizing it doesn’t work well when you’re new to ad-libbing and leading songs.

You’re already afraid and nervous. You’re bound to go blank sometimes just because you’re nervous. I’ve actually thought a lot about this over the years, and I’ve seen so many people that have this same fear.  So I wanted to do something to help people get past that initial stage, overcome their fear and get started. So with the help of the Lord I created a step-by-step, paint-by-the-numbers system. I explain the details in this 5 minute video you can view here: ad-lib banner