My top 10 must-read music ministry articles of 2012

We are already a week into the new year, can you believe that? By the grace of God I have been able to post 2 blogs a week every week since I started back in July of 2011. Last year was my first full year of blogging about the music ministry, and God really gave me some things that were a blessing to ministries all over. Many many people have joined the “family” of people connected to this ministry in some way since I started. The fan page alone has grown to over 1100 followers. So I thought it would be nice to do a post compiling 10 of what I consider to be my most powerful music ministry blog posts of 2012. Many music ministry articles I did last year were very helpful to people seeking to improve their personal music ministry. I chose these 10 because I felt they have the most potential to impact both personal music ministries and church music ministries as a whole. Listed in no particular order, they are as follows:

1. 3 ways to develop a “next level” mentality for your music ministry

2. How to put the “ministry” back in your music ministry

3.  Music Ministry auto-pilot- 6 signs you may be losing your passion

4. The “5 Second Rule” of music ministry

5. The one unpleasant thing every every music ministry must have

6.  The one thing that must be your reason for EVERYTHING

7. How your musical gift is like a Sweet Potato Pie

8. 3 powerful steps to an anointed music ministry

9.  The one drawback about passion

10. 5 steps to effective, productive rehearsals

I went back and took a look at every article I did in 2012, and I have hand-picked this collection as the 10 absolute must-read music ministry blog posts of 2012. So definitely save this to your favorites folder so you can refer back to them. And if you haven’t already, please check the box below the comment section to subscribe to my newsletter so you can receive my blog in your in-box twice a week. Happy New Year!

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles