Striving for excellence means pushing past frustration

Day 27 :: Some daysIt’s pretty common knowledge that music is one of the most powerful tools God has given us for for ministry. It stands to reason then that music ministries are the Devil’s favorite target. And, like anything else you try to do in excellence to God, when you’re trying to go to another level is when the enemy begins to attack even more. Perfecting music ministry can be a lot of hard work. Long rehearsals filled with repetition after repetition as choirs, praise teams and groups strive to perfect their harmonies and sound so that God may get the glory.

In a previous blog I gave you scriptures that support the fact that God honors this work. Scripture always speaks highly of skilled musicians and singers. But sometimes it doesn’t come easy. Often it’s the most simple of things too, isn’t it? One little part that you just can’t get down, or one little line that somebody keeps forgetting; something that any other day would be easy for this group. But tonight. This song. It won’t come together. And it’s times like these that we forget what we’re doing all this for in the first place. We get weary. Tempers flare. Arguments take place sometimes. And inevitably someone will question why it’s even all that important.
How do you keep going? How do you push past this? What do you do when you’re stuck on a song, it’s not coming together and everyone is getting angry and frustrated.

1. Stop and pray. Join hands and just begin to pray as a group. Ask God to bind the spirit of division of strife. Pray for unity. Ask Him to move self out of the way. Pray genuinely and not with malice or strife in your hearts. Honesty and truly worship God. A negative spirit has a hard time surviving in this environment. Try going back to the song afterwards, when hearts and minds are in a better state.

2. If it’s harmony that’s causing the problem, try singing the difficult passage a cappella. Often singing the harmony without music helps your singers hear all of the parts blending together. It can really help some singers make sense of their part and understand why it is what it is.

3. If it’s lyrics talk about the subject of the song. Connect with it’s message. Talk about different lines or passages and ask members what it means to them . Moving forward, get into the habit of NOT using lyric sheets unless it’s absolutely necessary. Lyric sheets can be more of a hindrance than a help. They cause your brain to be “lazy, so-to-speak. There’s no need to memorize something as long as the words are in front of you.

4. If all else fails, table the song until another rehearsal. Sometimes getting away from a song gives members a chance to renew their hearts and minds and come back refreshed and with a new attitude about the song.

Whatever you do, continue to strive to give God the best your music ministry has to offer. Often that does mean you have to push past tricks of the enemy like discontent, frustration and anger. Time after time though, those music ministries that do are rewarded with God’s favor and anointing.

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10 Responses to Striving for excellence means pushing past frustration

  1. Debbie Williams says:

    This is great information.
    My frustration comes from the space of always having to relearn a song we’ve done many times before. There’s little commitment to practice both lyrics and parts before coming to rehearsal.
    🙏🏾era are solicited.

  2. says:

    What an on-time message. Although I’ve heard “Don’t let the devil get in the way” so many times I felt like this in on one of my groups this week with the expectation of making a decision to let go and focus on the other ministries I serve in. I will continue to ponder my decision. Thanks for always being on-time, Coach!!!

  3. Traci says:

    The only solution listed above/ that I’ve seen used for that frustration issue (from my childhood to now) has been to table the song. Many are STILL tabled – lol

  4. Alyce says:

    I knew I’d read this before, and thought I’d commented…when first posted. I had my name and address already here, but with no post! I’m sure what I would’ve said before is that this is excellent advice. I’m a big fan of taking a conscious breath, and allowing myself to think before ‘simply reacting.’ 9 out of 10 times it’s source is the enemy and the answer is to ‘go to God.’ thank you!

  5. Tiffany Hayes says:

    Great article Ron!

    It’s so true that when frustration and anger are setting in, you can’t be productive that way. So it’s best to take a break and come back to it when everything has settled and you’re more focused. I’ll be sharing this one. It’s a must read for all in music ministry. Thanks

  6. Some great suggestions here Ron that as always can be applied to so many other situations in work and family life!
    Love your tip to put the song aside for a while a then go back to it. I often do this with my writing as you can come back to something with a completely new perspective this way.

  7. Olga Hermans says:

    I love this; it is so true that God can’t move and will not do anything where there is strife. We always say in our home that strife is like a reset button; everything that yu have built up is gone in the moments of strife. It’s just not worth it. But t happens when there are people together and it is only good leadership that can handle this. You gave some awesome suggestions!

  8. Nothing like pushing through together, as a team… and the victory, once the song is mastered, is so much sweeter! It’s been a long time for me (I played flute in our church’s little symphony) but I truly miss those days!

    This is good advice for all disciplines. Graham Cooke adds an interesting one, being that he’s from the UK… he has his church team meet at the local pub for beer and pool and then they reconvene for whatever matter needed pushing past the frustration.

    I really miss playing my flute…. I may have to pick that up again one day… it sounds a lot better than my voice!

    Another option… maybe everyone gathers together to watch Sister Act or August Rush… amazing choirs in both movies! What an amazing opportunity to be part of a group that works toward excellence…. I would love to hear one of your choirs!

  9. Maria Pibernus says:

    Great message, Ron!
    You know, whenever I do the vocal workout daily, and then I go to church, God blesses me… and I can express more to Him because the instrument is more ready!
    It’s a key thing to get the rest of the team to work on their gift individually. It’s a point of prayer… it can be so easy to stagnate in the service or to get used to it… I always pray God that He himself bring the worshippers He has already anointed for the task.
    We can trust God in all of these things as it’s him in all this!
    God bless u!

    P/S: I couldn’t find the “dislike” message you got about your lessons… where is the FanPage?

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