Singing with a cold

No273 13 Oct 2009 SneezeI’ve tackled this subject briefly in a video blog a few years ago, but it’s a subject we singers need to talk about often; especially this time of year. I went looking for some additional information to share this time around, simply because I thought my video blog years ago was informative but pretty generic in it’s detail.

One of the most informative articles I found on the subject was written by a vocal coach I’ve known about for some time. His name is Mark Baxter. Rather than copy and paste his great article here, I’d like you to do me a favor and check it out on his site. While you’re there check out what else he has to offer and book-mark his site.

Surprised that I’d be sending you in the direction of another vocal coach? You shouldn’t be. Because the fact is, while this is definitely a business for me, it’s also a ministry. And while the business man wants you to come to me when you’re ready to invest in some training, the servant in me wants to foster a new mindset in the minds of my readers. Simply put, I want to change the way you think about this wonderful gift we’ve been given. I want you to become a student of your voice. And I plan to do all I can to put as much in front of you as possible to make that happen. Whether I write it or someone else does.

So please do me a favor and head on over to Mark’s site and read this very thorough article on Singing with a cold. The link will open his page in a new browser so you won’t leave my website. I learned something myself with this one and I know you will too. Be sure to book-mark the site and/or print it out. If you should happen to reach out to Mark, be sure and tell him I sent you. Enjoy!

Singing With A Cold- By Mark Baxter






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