Should I breathe through my nose or through my mouth?

The question of whether or not a singer should practice breathing through the nose or through the mouth is one that causes a lot of confusion for many people. Today I’m going to shed some light on the subject that will hopefully clear things up for you. Let’s start with this quick video I did for the article, then below that I’ll link to some other really good information on the subject.

[youtube TYrwIyW0D_0]


Here’s an excellent article I found on the subject of proper breathing. This is the one I referenced in the video. I’ll post an excerpt from it here along with a link so you can read the rest.

The Importance Of Breathing Through Your Nose

  • Except for emergencies, our breathing was designed to take place mainly through our nose. When we breathe through our nose, the hairs that line our nostrils filter out particles of dust and dirt that can be injurious to our lungs. If too many particles accumulate on the membranes of the nose, we automatically secret mucus to trap them or sneeze to expel them. The mucous membranes of our septum, which divides the nose into two cavities, further prepare the air for our lungs by warming and humidifying it.

  • There is another important reason for breathing through the nose. This has to do with maintaining the correct balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in our blood. When we breathe through our mouth we usually inhale and exhale air quickly in large volumes. This often leads to a kind of hyperventilation (breathing excessively fast for the actual conditions in which we find ourselves). It is important to recognize that it is the amount of carbon dioxide in our blood that generally regulates our breathing.

You can read the rest of that article at

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