Piano Lesson: How To Go From Basic To Amazing In 5 Steps

I often write about ways praise/worship teams can encourage more organic worship by allowing spaces where the music is allowed to “breathe”.
I’ve also talked about the importance of creating a flow between songs, rather than the complete stop-down “now for our next number” thing many praise teams do.
There are also moments in every service where there just needs to be some soft music playing. I found this video on Youtube where the instructor teaches a simple 4 chord sequence that works great for all of those moments and more.
I love it because the instructor, Keven “KC Conley, shows you how to take it from a very simple sequence to an advanced, complex movement. But don’t be fooled by the title. It will be very clear to you that you won’t go from step 1 to step 5 quickly.
You know I’m all about sharing content that teaches here, so I also love that Keven has links to many more resources and lessons available. You’ll find them all in the video below.  Be sure to check him out and tell him where you learned about him!

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3 Responses to Piano Lesson: How To Go From Basic To Amazing In 5 Steps

  1. Carol Dickson-Carr says:

    Yass! Thank you so much for this resource!

  2. chukwunonso says:

    Just met u today. Pleased and interested in your teachings.

  3. Gift Iwih says:

    I love themusicminitrycoach.com

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