Major Announcement- Please Read!

Today I’m very excited to make a major announcement that will make a huge impact on The Music Ministry and our ability to serve the Gospel and Contemporary Christian music ministry as a whole. I’m pleased to announce that a talented, highly-trained new Vocal Coach has joined the family! I’m pleased and excited to use today’s blog to introduce her to you. Please meet the newest member of The Music Ministry family, Miss Shena Crane!

Shena and I go way back, because for many years she and I, along with the rest of her family, all worshiped at the same church together. Shena, her mother and her sister all sang in the choir, so she started singing at a very young age and, like me, has been working in music ministry all her life. Shena’s mom, a vocal powerhouse herself, actually served as our choir president and was instrumental in really turning our hearts toward sincere, heart-felt ministry through prayer and worship at our rehearsals. I had the honor of serving as their voice instructor all of those years as we learned hundreds of songs together.After many years of service Shena and her family felt the leading of the Lord to move their membership to another church. We missed them dearly! But they continued to stay in touch with and stop by now and then. Years later I was elated to find out Shena had gone to college, studied voice professionally, earned her degree and was teaching voice.

She started studying vocal technique when she reached Booker T. Washington HSPVA, where she began studying classical technique. She went on to attend El Centro College, graduating with an Associates Degree in Music/Performance. She continued her studies at University Of Texas At Arlington, graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Music Education. I asked her to tell me a little about her teaching style:

“My style of teaching consists of providing the average singer with techniques that can ensure a quality sound. I tend to focus mainly on strong breathing techniques, because that is the area where most singers struggle the most. I have also noticed that a plethora of singers do not have confidence in the gift that they have been blessed with. It is my goal to provide each student I come across with a different way of thinking when it comes to singing. Another main focus in my teaching is getting my students to facilitate every key so that they know where they want to go every time they sing. As a vocal coach it is my objective to enable students with the tools needed to sing at their full potential and also preserve the gift that God has given.”

Shena continues to perform regularly with local groups and choirs. She is currently a member of United Voices where she performed lead vocals on their last two albums. Shena’s experience and training in Classical technique will be a valuable asset to our ministry and mission here. Shena’s training and techniques add an entire new set of skills, knowledge and techniques to what our clients have available to them to help take their ministries to the next level.

In addition to being available for live, private vocal lessons here in the Dallas Ft. Worth area, Shena will also be posting a monthly article here in the blog-which means even more valuable free content for our subscribers and regular visitors. Look for Shena to also be adding some videos to the free 5-day video vocal training course as well as our official Channel on You Tube. Shena’s presence will also give me more time to focus on creating and launching several training products and home study courses that will start to appear this year.

Shena is already loaded into the automated booking system on the website. Right now the system chooses whomever is available first. For example, if you chose a mid-day time slot the system would place you with Shena, since I don’t have any day time availability. She has day time availability most weekdays and will also be available for evening time slots where I’m already booked. I’m currently working on getting the booking system modified so it shows each or our availability calendars separately so customers can choose her directly if they like.

I’m excited about everything God has in store for The Music Ministry as we enter 2012. So I’d like to ask everyone who reads the blog regularly to please take a moment to help me welcome Shena Crane to the Music Ministry family by leaving a comment for her. Shena’s first blog for The Music Ministry will be posted Thursday, so be looking for it. Now Let’s show the newest member of the family, Shena Crane, lots of love. Welcome Shena!!

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