How your musical gift is like a Sweet Potato Pie

Thanksgiving day in America is steeped in tradition, the most important of which is the tradition for families and friends all over the country to come together and break bread. While everyone has their own favorite food staples, you’re almost sure to find Sweet Potato Pie on the menu at most gatherings. So I thought it would be a fun, visual way to look at a basic, fundamental truth regarding how all singers and musicians in music ministry should see their gift.  I’ll use myself and a fictitious friend in this little story to make it easy.

So imagine with me for a few minutes. It’s Thanks Giving day. I’ve spent all night long making my prize-winning Sweet Potato Pie. But I have to go in to work for a half a day and I don’t want the pie to arrive to the family dinner too late for everyone to enjoy. So I ask my friend to take it with her to the family dinner and I’ll join everyone later.

A few hours later at the family gathering everyone has finished dinner and is starting on the dessert table. A few people get a slice of the Sweet Potato Pie and start raving to my friend about it. “Oh my God Janice this pie is amazing!” “Girl you did your thing with this!” The complements keep coming as word gets around the house about how good the pie is. Meanwhile Janice is glowing and enjoying all the complements. Smiling and thanking everyone for the kind words. “Oh, thank you! God bless you! I’m so glad you like it so much!”

Later I arrive at the dinner after work ready to eat. it doesn’t take long for people to start coming up to me raving about how good my friend’s Sweet Potato Pie is. They go on and on about how great a cook she is, and how they’ve never had pie like that. And how I should really take some lessons from her!

I look at her and smile, but I don’t say anything. After all, I love her. She’s my friend. I would never embarrass her. But I know in my heart that SHE knows she didn’t bake that pie. She only delivered it. And I can’t understand why she wouldn’t give me the credit for it. Why wouldn’t she just say “oh thank you but actually Ron made it. I just delivered it for him”. I may never scold her or punish her or even mention it to her again. But the next time I need to choose someone to deliver something I created I’d be a lot more careful to choose someone whom I know won’t take the glory for themselves.

As singers, musicians, directors and worship leaders…whatever your gift is, we should all endeavor to think of our gifts just like that Sweet Potato Pie.  It’s not our creation. It doesn’t belong to us. We didn’t bake it, we were simply the ones God chose to deliver it to His people. So when the praises, kudos and complements come, we must always be sure to never take the credit for a pie we didn’t bake.


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18 Responses to How your musical gift is like a Sweet Potato Pie

  1. Love this Ron, thanks for the parable, very helpful.
    Now however I will be looking for pie all day…

  2. alyce says:

    It is now officially Thanksgiving! Blessings and Thanks to you, Bro. Ron!

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  5. George says:

    I enjoyed this, thanks on

  6. Karen Gibson says:

    Wow!! Powerful! HE deserves the glory!

  7. Francesca says:

    Wow! A great article that has demystified taking the glory of God for ourselves. I’m so blessed. God bless you

    • Ron says:

      Thank you Francesca! I’m so happy you were blessed by this. I told someone recently that sometimes I write something, read it back and go….wow. That’s when I know I had nothing to do with it. :O)

  8. Monica says:

    Great analogy Ron. It makes you think. We have to be careful with our gifts. God can easily take what we have and give it to someone else who will use it for it’s sole purpose.

    • Ron Cross says:

      Thank you Monica! It’s a simple little analogy but it’s very effective. It keeps me in the right frame of mind, grounded and with my attitude in check. I didn’t bake the pie, I just deliver it!

  9. Dorothy Jordan says:

    Ron, loved the article that’s so true. The gift of song is from God and we are to use it wisely and take care of it..

  10. Olga Hermans says:

    My pastors always remember us that when they preach a great message, that all the praise goes to Jesus who gave them the message in the first place. I love your analogy!

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  12. Ron Cross says:

    Thank you Jess! Have a great Thanksgiving.

  13. Great article, Ron! This is for any gift God gives. And what a great analogy for us to fully get this concept!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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