How To Enunciate Clearly In Just 2 Steps

What Is The Absolute Worst Thing Someone Could Say To You After Your Choir Or Worship Team Finishes Ministering?

Keep reading to find out what it is and how to insure nobody ever says it to you or your group again

So your choir, worship/praise team or other group has just finished a lively, spirit-filled performance. Everyone was on their feet, clapping and praising God. But then after the service something strange happened.Someone came up to you and said “OMG you guys sounded amazing! But what were you guys saying? I couldn’t understand the words.” No one should want to hear that. But when your mission is delivering the word of God in song it’s more important than ever that the people you’re singing to understand you. If they don’t we have failed in our most important goal.

Many groups experience this embarrassing scenario far too often, simply because they don’t know how to pronounce words clearly and distinctly while singing. Most well-meaning choir directors, Ministers Of Music and other song teachers simply tell their groups to “pronounce your words!” But this just results in a lot of really dramatic over-emphasizing that does more harm than good.

As a choir director and song teacher of over 30 years, I understand how frustrating this can be.  That’s why I’ve assembled a powerful new 10 page report called “How To Enunciate clearly In Just 2 Steps”.

A must-have for anyone who teaches songs, this information-packed report reveals the simple, easy changes every group must make in order to be heard clearly and distinctly without over-emphasizing everything. In it I’ll disclose little-known secrets, simple changes and tweaks that will completely change your group’s sound, quickly and easy.

Grab this powerful 10 page report now! You’ll easily finish it in one sitting and be ready to teach these easy-to-master techniques to your group at the very next rehearsal.


The 6 most important letters in the English language and how to pronounce them properly

Why dramatically over-enunciating every sylable does more harm than good.

The one letter in the alphabet you should almost never pronounce: And what to do instead.

2 simple changes that will make everything your group sings sound more polished, warmer and professional. Instantly!

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  1. alyce says:

    And not just for singers. Public speakers need the same information, too.

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