Gospel Guitar 101 with Bobby Griffin

I found this nice gospel Guitar lesson with Bobby Griffin showing some basic techniques to add some interest to your chords when playing gospel guitar. Now, I knew as soon as I spotted that bookshelf behind him that we’re looking at another great training video from the renowned Gospel music training company Hear And Play.com. If these guys aren’t on your radar, they should be. They offer high quality training videos and DVD’s on just about every instrument commonly found in gospel music and feature some of the best instructors around.

If Gospel Guitar is your main focus though, be sure to Go check out Bobby’s site PlayGospelGuitar.com. Let’s go!!


Gospel Guitar 101: Adding spice to your praise song chords

Bobby Griffin explains how to add flavor to your chords when playing gospel praise songs by ear. This is one section out of the entire dvd, which focuses primarily on traditional praise songs on the guitar! Enjoy! www.PlayGospelGuitar.com

Image courtesy of pixomar / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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