Evaluating songs; a simple but powerful acid test

Often we find ourselves evaluating new songs to see if they should be included in our song lists or not. We’re at this very place right now as we prepare for our annual Family And Friends musical.
I wasn’t thinking about that when God gave me the idea for this powerful video you’re about to see. Nor was I expecting what happened in it. But to sum it all up, sometimes the most powerful thing you can do when you’re trying to decide whether or not a song is right for your choir, praise team or other group is to strip it down to it’s bare bones. Take away everything but the lyrics.
Now. Just read them out loud as if you were talking to someone close to you….or a stranger..or even better still, yourself. If you’ve never done this before let me tell you- it is very powerful. As you’re about to see in the video below.

[youtube Z31Chnxm_fA]
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