Enthusiasm in ministry; where do you get yours?

This may very well be one of the shortest articles you’ve seen from me. And I’m going to end it with a very powerful question. But first, let me ask you something. Who or what gets you excited when you’re singing in the choir or on the praise team? Maybe you’re just a member of the congregation who finds that it’s hard for you to really get going spiritually without that extra push from (insert your favorite motivator/worship leader/singer(s) here).

I’ve worn about every hat in my church’s music ministry over the last 30 years of serving. I’ve been a tenor in the tenor section, the drummer for a short time, the choir director. Now I’m on keyboards. Through all of those years though, I’ve almost always held the position of voice instructor. As such I’ve conducted hundreds of rehearsals and taught hundreds of songs. For many years I taught them then directed them.

Music ministry has always been my passion. My calling. My ministry and my offering to the God I serve. As such, I have a tendency to approach everything I do in music ministry with a great deal of energy, enthusiasm and excitement. I’m “animated”, lol. I often joke with the other band members that if you were to watch me play keyboards with no sound you’d think I was waaay better than I actually am, the way I bounce around over there. I approach directing the same way, whether I actually want to direct or not- and I usually don’t (there’s another message for another blog right there). Naturally when I’m in front of people they respond favorably to that. When someone is excited about what they do, it kinda makes you excited too.

Some people though, have trouble getting excited any other way other than “catching it” from someone else. Over the years as I participated in various conversations about one person’s style or ministry or level of enthusiasm vs. another.  Something I hear people say quite often is some variation of the following:

It’s hard for me to get excited or motivated unless the _______ is excited. When they’re on fire that pulls it out of me. That’s why I love it when Bro. Joe_____________ (insert your favorite thing you love to see Bro. Joe do; whether it’s directing, playing an instrument, singing).  Bro. Joe is always so energetic, and he really makes me want to give more”.

Ever heard that one or something like it? Ever said it? Sure, most of us have. This is a very common thing heard among choirs in reference to the choir director. But it could be any group or activity that has a leader of some sort who just always seems to bring it out of you and take you to that next level spiritually.

So here’s the question I’d like you to think about today as you contemplate your own music ministry, your own walk, your own level of excitement about what you do. If  it’s true that you get your motivation, your desire, your excitement and your enthusiasm from Bro. Joe, and you find it hard to get excited about what you’re doing if he’s not approaching his own ministry with enthusiasm and energy, then…….

Where does Bro. Joe get his from?  In other words, what or who is is motivating, boosting and exciting the person that you’re getting yours from?

When you can honestly answer that you will never have to depend on Bro. Joe or anyone else for yours again.

Ephesians 6: 7-8

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10 Responses to Enthusiasm in ministry; where do you get yours?

  1. alyce says:

    I spent years in what I call geographical isolation, that served to intensify a direct God connection. So much so that as I think on him, pray and praise my way through the day, that when I enter the service, I’ve already entered on in. I then anticipate us all coming together; pews and music ministers, should bring each other, or support each other to the common destination of the throne. I was not in a position to rely on a music ministry to do it for me. That said, when anointed P & W goes forth…it’s all on! I realize that the ‘alienation’ served to intensify my relationship and walk, so I could keep myself fed in times of spiritual drought. I bring my own worship spirit with me. Even if no one else shows up; and back in the day doing church planting, that did happen…I’m having church anyway! Hallelujah!!!

  2. Traci says:

    No one would ever accuse me of being overly enthusiastic.Though I may feel it on the inside, it may not be evident on the OUTSIDE.

    Not long ago, I was GIVEN a Yamaha keyboard. When I told the person how excited I was to receive it, they said they couldn’t tell -lol.

    I’ve attempted unsuccessfully to appear outwardly enthusiastic as asked &/or instructed, – it just feels forced/phony. Who knows, maybe I shouldn’t be the “face” used to build others’ enthusiasm. Idk

  3. Ron Cross says:

    I know what you mean Denny. There’s definitely a reason God tells us to forsake not the assembly.

  4. Claudia Looi says:

    Great question Ron. Enthusiasm comes from Divine Inspiration and interest in what we do. If a person serves God without enthusiasm, it could be due to few factors. One could be he/she is ‘burnt out’…and needs a break.

  5. Ron, I agree that enthusiasm and excitement are contagious. Especially when watching someone up on a platform, in front of others. However, when it’s regarding music ministry, it’s easy to spot when it’s fake and just “show” instead of actually praising and worshiping. I would much rather follow a leader who is true, genuine, and perhaps a bit more reserved than one that is just there for the show. It’s in those situations that I do as you say near the end… I get my own enthusiasm by focusing on the One that brought us all there in the first place, whether or not even the people on the platform “get it.” Great post!

    • Ron Cross says:

      Jessica, your last statement about how you get your own enthusiasm is really the central message here. Excitement and enthusiasm are definitely contagious. But there are some people who can’t get excited without someone else’s excitement boosting them. But where does that person get theirs from? That’s the place we should all draw our motivation from.

  6. Olga Hermans says:

    I like it when the “band” is energetic, BUT!!! I come to praise and worship the Lord because I want to, not because somebody else has to encourage me to do so….it’s the most beautiful thing to worship the Lord in the sanctuary!! We are still a small church that gathers in the governmental office in town….and because we have no room to store all our equipment, we have songs on the screen…so, nobody that encourages or whatsoever. I think, this is best training ground that we can have…everybody worships and the anointing falls on us even without a band…we are looking forward though to having our own building and our band of course…great topic Ron!!!

    • Ron Cross says:

      Thanks for sharing that Olga! I love the fact that you guys are still able to experience real, honest, pure worship even without all the extras. If the Holy Spirit is already falling like that, when you guys get your own building and everything is in place, look out!

  7. denny hagel says:

    What has always impacted me the most was the collective energy I would feel…at times have been so strong has brought me to tears! Great article!

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