Our Rates


All sessions are one hour in length

One Hour Coaching Session- $95



This Ala Carte Coaching option can be used for a one-time vocal training session, style coaching, new choir Director coaching or parts instructor help/coaching. If you’re interested in vocal training to improve range, breathing and overall technique and have never taken vocal lessons before, I highly recommended you take at minimum the Vocal Ministry Foundation Package. Then use ala-carte lessons for refresher or tune-up sessions as needed.

The Ministry Foundation Package- $360




This is our entry-level coaching package. It bundles 4 one hour coaching sessions and drops your hourly rate to $90 per hour for purchasing in advance rather than ala carte.  Like all of our packages, this package yields best results if you schedule your lessons once a week.


The Ministry Enhancement Package- $1020



Designed to be taken over a 3 month period, the Ministry Enhancement Package continues your training beyond the basics to more advanced techniques and methods, along with practical application of those techniques. Your hourly rate drops from $95 per hour to $85 per hour when you purchase this package.

The Ministry Breakthrough Package- $1800



Designed to be taken over a 6 month period, the Ministry Breakthrough Package is designed to continue your study over a longer period of time. Most singers, for example, start to see more permanent changes at around 6 months. Old habits and thought processes start to fade as new, healthier approaches become second-nature. Most sessions after the first month are dedicated primarily to real-world application by working on actual songs. The Ministry Breakthrough package drops your hourly rate down to $75.

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