On-line Coaching

Whether you’re in another  city, another state or even another part of the world, you can still benefit from private, one-on-one coaching with one of our instructors. Working with us on-line is very much like studying with us in person. The difference will depend on what kind of coaching session you’re having. Vocal technique and Style Coaching, for example, are only slightly different than studying in person because of the slight time delay that happens when you study on-line.

During a live session we’re able to play scales and music for you in real time while you sing along. In an on-line session we simply adjust for the time delay by playing the scales or piece for you first, and then having you sing it back for us. Aside from this minor difference everything else about a coaching session on-line is the same as in person. Through live video chat we’ll be able to see, hear and interact with each other in real time, just like a face to face lesson.

Other types of coaching sessions we offer, like  new director mentoring, vocal harmony coaching and ear training sessions are exactly the same on-line as they are in person. That’s because in these kinds of sessions we don’t really need to have you sing along in real time. However, no matter what kind of coaching you need, you can be confident that you’ll receive training that is just as effective as being right there in front of us.

Available Options 



Skype is by far the most popular and most used method of doing coaching on-line. Skype is a free software download. It works a lot like most popular I.M software. To use Skype you simply download the software, set up your microphone and camera and then connect your account with your instructor as a “friend”, much like you would any other popular instant messaging software. When it’s time for your lesson your instructor will call your computer through Skype, and you’ll be connected for your lesson via live video feed.

Skype is very easy to set up. It walks you right through setting up and testing your microphone and camera. It really does most of the work for you, in fact. You can download Skype at www.skype.com .

Phone Sessions

If you don’t have a web-cam, you can get one very inexpensively (around $30 or so). However if video chat is simply not your thing, coaching by phone is a convenient and valid way to study for most coaching options. We prefer not to use this option for Vocal Training such as vocal technique and ear training, because so much of what we do to help you is dependent on being able to see you. However, phone sessions can be a viable way to study for other types of coaching sessions. Talk to your instructor to see if phone sessions might be a good option for the kind of coaching you want.

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