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Are you ready to take your music ministry to the next level? Great! Private, one-on-one coaching is the answer. We offer private coaching in person here in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. If you’re not in or near Dallas/ Ft. Worth we offer live one-on-one coaching on-line through Skype.


Ron Cross

Founder, The Music Ministry


Ron Cross is the founder of The Music Ministry . He has been actively working in music ministry for over 30 years. Ron has extensive experience in vocal harmony, gospel choir, praise teams and most common issues that these ministries struggle with as they strive to achieve higher levels of excellence in their service to God in their ministries. Ron is a certified vocal coach. He trained in the Speech Level Singing technique where he received his certification in 2006. He also continued his training by working with other master instructors to hone his own vocal and teaching skills.

Ron has years of experience in teaching both vocal technique and style coaching. He also offers private coaching for many other aspects of music ministry such as teaching vocal harmony, training/mentoring for new choir directors, and specialized training for choirs and praise teams. Due to his demanding schedule, Ron’s availability is limited and strictly first-come first-served.

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