Be Careful What You Preach, Minister Of Music (You’ll Eventually Have To Practice It)!

I got some news just the other day that, in one fell swoop would force me to actually use every piece of advice I had given in any blog about music ministry attitude, mindset and service, dedication, passion….you name it.

It was un-expected. It blindsided me. Overwhelmed my thoughts. And yes, angered me.
At the moment I got the news my mind instantly flashed back to that one I wrote about The 5 second rule of music ministry. Trust me, I needed it right then. I was able to quickly get my emotions and feelings under control so I could discuss the matter calmly with my dear friend and co-laborer in the music ministry for over 30 years now.

As I continued to think about the situation-one that would dramatically change and add to my list of responsibilities in my music department- I started to think about other blogs I’d written about things like serving with gladness, and not allowing your passion for music ministry to wither until you’re serving on auto-pilot.

In short, I just wasn’t feeling this change. But then I realized I’d written a blog about what to do when you’re not feeling it too. Yes, it seemed that for every negative thought I had, God reminded me of a blog where I had already addressed it. And here I was thinking I was writing all this stuff to bless and encourage YOU.

But I’m already doing so much, I thought. We have 4 choirs in rotation, I complained to my friend and minister of music. I have to teach all the songs for all of those groups. Plus my duties as a musician. And now this added to all that. It’s just a lot. “I understand”, she said calmly, as if she hasn’t been dealing with this very thing all her life there as the go-to person for pretty-much everything.

That’s ok though, I told her. We’ll do what we have to do. We’ll make it work. Sunday I woke up and I just felt heavy. Not in the right frame of mind for music ministry. So I stayed home and spent a few extra hours with my boys. I took the time to really think and re-adjust my thinking and attitude (oh yeah, I wrote about that too).

And before thoughts of burn-out and discouragement could creep in, God brought that blog back to me as well. Soon I found myself moving from feelings of frustration and overwhelm to almost excitement.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still not happy about this change, how it will affect me or even how it came about. But I’m absolutely pumped and ready to challenge it head on. And do so with all of the enthusiasm I encourage of others.

Yup, in life it’s a good idea to be careful what you “preach”. Because you will certainly get your opportunity to practice it all, soon enough.  :O)

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