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Ron Cross is the founder of The Music Ministry Coach.com . He has been actively working in music ministry for over 30 years. Ron has extensive experience in vocal harmony, gospel choir, praise teams and most common issues that these ministries struggle with as they strive to achieve higher levels of excellence in their service to God in their ministries. Ron is a certified vocal coach. He trained in the Speech Level Singing technique where he received his certification in 2006. He also continued his training by working with other master instructors to hone his own vocal and teaching skills.

Ron has years of experience in teaching both vocal technique and style coaching.  He also offers private coaching for many other aspects of music ministry such as teaching vocal harmony, training/mentoring for new choir directors, and specialized training for choirs and praise teams.  Ron’s primary goal with The Music Ministry Coach.com is to create high-content training products and services that cater to the specific needs and challenges of those who work in music ministry.  Specifically, Ron seeks to create training products that were never available before for people in music ministry.

When he first became certified in 2006 Ron asked his dear friend and co-laborer in the music ministry for over 30 to share some thoughts for his first website. She was kind enough to offer the following article.


“God Created 3 Types Of People”

  By Monica Lightner Hines

 Have you ever watched an especially gifted artist, singer or musician and wondered how in the world they make such talent come across so natural? As a musician I often wonder that myself about fellow musicians.

There are people out there who are so good at what they do, that you are “in awe” at their very presence. It’s not because you believe they are a “god” of some sort, but because you are so intrigued with how they can appear to be so natural with such a wonderful gift.

Ron is one of those people. I have known him for about 30 years, and have witnessed this talent develop first hand from the start. What’s the talent? Well, it’s one of many that he has. Beside becoming a well seasoned and expert keyboardist, he has a beautiful, melodious voice to go along with it; not to mention he has the incredible ability to teach others how to perfect their singing ability too.

The ability to teach is a gift that not everyone is given. In the music industry, I have seen recording artists attempt to share their “know how” with the general public, because there is a big demand for their talent. And with a giving heart, some of these people really want to be a help to others who genuinely desire to want to sing or play an instrument. The problem is some of these teachers have difficulty teaching the gift that comes so natural to them.

God created 3 types of people: one with talent(s), one who can teach them, and one who can do both. Of course, Ron’s the latter.

Not only did God bless Ron with a natural ability to sing and teach voice, he went on to obtain formal education to better equip himself for the benefit of his students. You will never get to a point in life where you have “made it”. A wise person is one who continues to have the desire to learn and then acts on it.

So rest assured that when you enter this website, you will encounter and experience one of the best voice trainers out there. Ron is one who has God on his side, the love for music in his heart, and a desire and the ability to share it with others.

Monica Lightner Hines
Minister Of Music
New Comforter C.O.G.I.C


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