A Philippians 4:7 Kind Of Week

I know that many of my readers are subscribed to my mailing list but not connected to me on my fan page. As such, you probably didn’t know that my mother had a stroke Monday night and was rushed to the hospital.
Her children weren’t notified until the next morning after she had been there for hours. My sister got the call first, then she called me. It just so happened that I went to work that morning and found out that I was actually supposed to be off. They offered to pull a route for me but I declined and decided I’d go back home, as I live very close by.

When my sister told me my mother had had a stroke and was in the hospital, my heart began to race. A hundred different things were going through my mind. The uncertainty of not knowing has a tendency to do that. Our minds fill in the blanks for things we don’t know by making up it’s own stories.

It didn’t help that when I did make it there she wasn’t in her room. They had her down for tests. So again I’m sitting there, not knowing anything at all about her condition or the severity of her stroke. My sister came into the room shortly after, and to my dismay she hadn’t see mom either and didn’t know any more than me.

Well, finally after about 3 or 4 hours they finally brought her back to the room. As soon as I saw her face, it happened. Peace. Peace that passes all understanding. I’d experienced it before in my life, many times. But this was different. This was my MOMMA. And even though I had just seen her face after several hours of waiting, I still didn’t know any more than I did before. But when I saw her my first emotion was…


As word continued to spread about what had happened I started getting calls and text messages. E-mails. Such an outpouring of concern. Everyone worried, in the dark, uncertain. Their minds perhaps filling in the blanks as mine had been doing.
But I was there with her. In her presence. I could see her smile. I could see the calm that was all over her. It was a peace I found hard to understand under the circumstances, even though I’d known her to be nothing else all my life but a woman of faith.

But there it was, on display, in living color in front of me. She had just had a stroke, yet she was anxious for nothing. Her peace became my own when I saw her. And as family, friends and followers began to communicate with me I found my own peace hard to understand.

But that’s how it works for the believer. There are times in your life where things happen that should cause you to feel every negative emotion you’re capable of. From anger to frustration to fear to sadness and every possible combination of them all. But you simply don’t. And that kind of peace transcends ALL understanding. Even your own.

Philippians 4:6-76 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

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7 Responses to A Philippians 4:7 Kind Of Week

  1. Traci says:

    Thoughts, prayers & hugs to you & the family :0)

  2. alyce says:

    I’m sure the magnitude of what you’ve shared is unknown to you in this time. It is difficult to put into words the “peace of God.” The peace of God is truly awesome and amazing. It can change everything! There are times when we are going through the toughest of times that we share true diamonds mined out of us. Don’t dwell on it now…come back to it later when your body, mind and heart are rested. Thank you for sharing this diamond post. much love & many blessings!

  3. Jackie Pack says:

    Ron, thank you for making Phil.4:7 come alive for me again! My heart is with you and your family, and especially your precious mother, as you find God’s peace thru His Word. What a joy to see His peace on your mother’s face, and then to know it in your heart! Prayers for her complete healing!

  4. Lakia Johnson says:

    Wow Ron, first I admire you for pouring out your heart to us and sharing the turn of events about your mom with us. I know all to well this Philippians 4:6-7 scripture. 10 years ago I lost my angel (my mom) she was my best friend. I thought my world/life was over…BUT GOD!!! If it had not been for the love I know He has for me and the people He has placed in my path to continue to build me up I may not have been here. I believe God gives us these tests at times to see if we will run away or STAND and believe what He says is True. I don’t know just my thoughts out loud.

  5. Trenell says:

    I can relate. My daughter started having seizures at 6 yrs old and her teachers could not understand how I could be so calm about it. During her hospital stays she would tell the cancer kids how blessed she was. God is our strength and peace! Praying for continued strength and restoration.

  6. T. Nelson says:

    Glad to hear all is well…I will keep you and your mom in my prayers.

  7. George says:

    Hi Ron!
    I am very sorry to hear about your mom, I’ve been were you are and the only thing that can help is Prayer. And I pray that the Lord Jesus give you and your family peace and comfit during this time, and that He would heal your mother. May Jesus comfit and strengthen you and your family. I will put you all on may prayer list.
    God Bless
    Your Bro. in Christ, George

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