9 powerful guidelines for your church’s music ministry

bylawsRecently while doing research for ideas for my next blog I came across a great article- actually it’s more like a governing philosophy- written by a pastor as a philosophy for his church’s music ministry.
I thought this was awesome and I wanted to share it with you.

Rev. Larry D. Ellis, author of the book “Forgiveness- Unleashing A Transformational Process “ ,developed this biblically based philosophy over a number of years. It is offered as a suggestion and starting point for your consideration as you examine your individual situation, traditions and sense of calling from God. He would welcome your input and suggestions to his offering.

Contact Pastor Ellis at larry.ellis@softwright.com

This philosophy statement and its guidelines apply to all aspects of the ministry of music at our church, including all the choirs, children and adult; instrumental music; soloists; and all church activities such as Christian Education, bible studies and retreats.

1.The definitive criteria for selection of our music is its message that it communicates. If it is instrumental music, we assess its musical quality, timbre, harmony, amplitude, and rhythm and the propriety of its use in our worship. If the music has word associated with it, we value the text being Christocentric and Trinitarian.
We see worship as our response to God’s initiative with us. Praise is not about what we want, need, desire or prefer.

2. God considers music a very high priority in celebrating His worship. – I Chronicles 14:25-16:22, Ephesians 5:19

3. Musicians are ministers appointed by God and music for worship is not our entertainment. – I Chronicles 16:4-6

4.The leadership is called by God to be teaching the composers, soloists, choirs and congregation how to minister to one another through music. Performing music is ministry just as composing and writing it is, when equips others to minister by using the music. As a part of the ministry of equipping we may bring in resource persons to maximize us where our leadership is limited. – Ephesians 4:11-12

5.Singing praise to God is not optional. It is commanded to all. – Psalm 66:1-2, I Chronicles 16:23-35

6The extensive use of musical instruments is commanded in the scriptures. – Psalm 98:4-6, 81:1-4, 33:1-3, 147:7, 150

7.All texts sung must be consistent with scripture and doctrinally sound. – Colossians 3:16

8.All music must be appropriate for the occasion, inspirational. – Ephesians 4:29

9.The ministry of music is seen as a great opportunity for evangelism. It is open to both members and friends of our congregation, not just formal members of our church. However, since we see ministry as being done for the body of Christ by the body of Christ, we normally desire to maximize our own participation before supplementing our efforts with those outside our local fellowship.

I’d like to thank Rev. Larry Ellis once again for granting permission to post this great piece of work. It’s sure to bless many music ministries. Please do me a favor and check out his book at The Forgiveness Book.com

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  1. Sokiri Isaac Taban says:

    Wow great .
    Thanks for the great input.
    I born again and I do fellowship with Amazing Grace Baptist Church .
    Kindly will you be able to sent some rules and regulations In how musical instruments are to be handle.
    Many thanks .
    Isaac my number is +256775052688

  2. Beautiful and inspiring piece. Thanks

  3. These are great! Thanks for sharing them.

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