7 Biblical Purposes For Music In The Church

I think one of the main purposes God pushed me into this direction with my business/ministry is to help people understand that music ministry is so much more important than just a spot on the program for entertainment. It’s so much bigger than us, our feelings and what we want or don’t want to do or sing.

As often as possible I try to use scripture to illustrate the importance of music ministry in the bible. I believe the more you read about music ministry and it’s role in the bible the more you come to understand how important this calling is, for all of us. So when I came across this article I really appreciated that it included not only 7 Biblical purposes for music but references for all seven purposes that it covers: Worship, Thanks, Rejoicing, Consecration, Edification, Evangelism and Preservation of Faith.  The article was written by Paul Chappel and you can find it on his website, PaulChappel.com . Just click below to go directly to the article.

7 Biblical Purposes for Music

February 8, 2010 by Paul Chappell



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