47 Songs Youth Choirs Are Singing

If you’re not connected to the fan page you’re missing a lot of great content and really good conversation. I post all day there, 12 times a day 7 days a week. Recently I asked the family to tell me about their youth choirs. I asked them a lot of questions about teaching, encouraging, motivating, etc. But one of the questions I asked them was to tell me what songs their youth choirs are singing.

I’ve compiled all of their answers into one long list. This list is in no particular order and some of the songs didn’t include the artist name.  I hope you find the list useful! It’s just one example of the kind of great learning, support and community that we have going on daily on the Music Ministry Cooach.com Fan page. Here we go!

5-12 Years Old

Clean This House
Sunday Morning
Imagine me- Kirk Franklin
Smile- Kirk Franklin
Every Praise – Hezekiah walker,
Champions – Jonathan nelson
Lord You’re worthy – New Direction
My name is Victory – Jonathan Nelson;
Jesus will b- Joshua’s Troop
Everybody Clap Your Hands – Joshua’s Troop
Soon And Very Soon- Andre Crouch
Fill my cup (Let It Overflow)

One follower on the fan page also recommended the project “Sing a Song” project by Edward Peeples  as one that has some great songs for that age group.

For The Older Youth Choirs:

“Oh How We Love You” by Preashia Hilliard
He’s Able – D. Haddon
Before I die – Kirk Franklin
Never Again – James Fortune
Give Him Praise – Joshua’s Troop
I give myself away- William McDowell
The Best Thing -Fred Hammond
The Blood Of Jesus – Myron Butler
We Sing Praises – Bishop Frank White Presents Shakinah Choir
Say The Word – Rodnie Bryant verison
Victory – Tye Tribbett
Big Victory – Myron Williams
The Blood Still Works – Malcolm Wiliams
Like The Dew – Judith McAllister
Fresh Fire by Preashea Hilliard
War Cry – Doobie Powell
Oh Lord, How excellent – Various Choirs
Psalms 34 -Youth For Christ -
There’s not a friend – Youth For Christ-
Inside Out; Standing In The Need – Mississippi Children’s choir
I Command My Soul – Bishop Neil Ellis
Worthy To Be Praised – Bonafide Praisers
Hallelujah You’re Worthy – Brooklyn Tabernacle
High And Lifted Up – Brooklyn Tabernacle
King Of Glory – The Brown Sisters
God Is Great – Ricky Dillard
Let It Rise – William Murphy
I Will Live – Pastor Charles Jenkins
Close To You– Pastor Charles Jenkins
For Your Glory-Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship
Jesus is Real- John P. Kee,
Melodies From Heaven- Kirk Franklin
Holy Lord- Danny Eason
Peace- New Direction
Give You More  J Moss
Jesus Promised- Chicago Mass Choir

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21 Responses to 47 Songs Youth Choirs Are Singing

  1. Cindy says:

    This is very much appreciated.

    Rock of Ages is one of my favorites. TM Youth choir. I sang it back in the day and have now taught it to my youth choir, ages 3 to 17.

  2. Caren says:

    I thank “The Music Ministry Coach”. Such a wonderful list. Perfect for young people whose level of fire and inspiration is declining.. Moreover, revival for all is a must. Our Master will soon come..

  3. Betty Wilson says:

    Our church is planning to start a youth choir. What are some good ways to present the idea. Some good ways to motivate and keep their interest?

  4. Vina Higgins says:

    We have been searching the web for suitable music for our youth choir group for several months. I found this site and could not believe the song for youth. Thank you for your beautiful God-given music., this will be a great help to the church finding the right songs, appropriate for Worship Service.

  5. Rhonda Terrell says:

    Thank you for this list, it is right on time! It is hard to find good songs that the children and youth are able to relate to.

  6. Canangela Robertson says:

    Do you know of any good unison songs for a youth choir ages 5 to 12? We already have “I need you to survive”. Your thoughts are appreciated.

    • Ron Cross says:

      Believe it or not I just covered that in my latest blog! Go to the home page of the site and you’ll see it there. I have a list of 10 good songs that are either in unison or has very little harmony.

  7. zaida griqua says:

    I would like more young people to be involve in youth activities and songs woulk help to inspire them
    And I have vesion to help poor people and I just need people to help me make this vesion come through and if there is people who would like to help out please contact me on 0744294843 and email me on zaidagriqua@gmail.com

  8. zaida griqua says:

    This is a powerful playlist that helps us young people to come close to GOD and to learn that we can only trust him and not make friends with worldly things

  9. 2014 No More Violence Gospel Youth Community Choir says:

    My name is Patricia Allen the founder of No More Violence Organization in Dallas, Tx is excited to bring a powerful movement Gospel Youth Community Choir in 2014 bringing a purpose and positive message which is the gospel where our youth of all culture can be used by God to show the world the other side of non-violence, we are excited. For more info call 972-805/7648 or email trish4nomore@gmail.com

  10. A says:

    You should check out Stellar Award Winning Pure-N-Heart Kids and Teens. Great Kids and Teens Music. Youtube, Facbook and purenheartkids.com or teenpurenheart.com

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  12. This one will be bookmarked for sure! Great list! Thanks so much! :)

  13. sivapath says:

    Will like 2 av d latest gospel songs on board kos am avin a youth concert

  14. I have three youth songs I have written that would round the list off to 50! If you have a youth choir and want to sing new fresh, scripture inspired songs, then let me know. Ron, your article is wonderful!! -Maryee

  15. Tiffany Hayes says:

    Great song list. I will pass along for others to see. This is a great reference for someone needing song choices for their youth choir. Thanks

  16. alyce says:

    It’s a blessing and encouragement to know that young people are involved with such good “Message ” music. To be involved with good material at a young age bodes well for the future. Music gets down into your being, I think, even more than we know. They’ll be carrying all that a mighty long way!

  17. Debra D. Davis says:

    Loving the list, thanks for the information.

  18. Traci says:

    This type of thing w was much needed when I was younger. W hen I was in the youth choir, my great aunt had us singing Rough Side of the Mountain – LOL.

  19. Lakia Johnson says:

    Thank you for this list Coach. Although I don’t work with youth choirs at this time…it’s definitely helpful to put a playlist together on my iPod for future reference.

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