40 New Year’s Eve Songs For Your Choir Or Praise Team

If your church is holding watch meeting on New Year’s Eve the music ministry is likely on deck. Wouldn’t it be great to have some really great New Year’s Eve-type songs for your choir and praise team? I thought so too, so I asked the community over on the Fan Page to give me some great songs for New Year’s Eve. As usual they came through big time.

The graphic below is the actual conversation where we added all the songs. Just  click on the little “comment” box at the bottom to go to the actual post and see all the songs.  If you don’t see it, give it a couple of seconds to load. This is an embed of the actual post. If it doesn’t work for you in Google Chrome try viewing it in I.E or Firefox. Add your own songs to the list if you like!


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25 Responses to 40 New Year’s Eve Songs For Your Choir Or Praise Team

  1. Robin says:

    I can’t wait to see the list.

  2. Linson Tomy says:

    Can’t find the list

  3. val says:

    songs look good

  4. J.B. Peter says:

    Write the Vision

  5. r says:

    hi trying to find the list

  6. janet_ says:

    great selection

  7. George Eapen says:

    Would like to get the appropriate songs for all occasions please.

  8. jazz says:

    helpful ideas, God bless

  9. jazz says:

    great…God bless

  10. SHANNON says:

    Songs are nice for gospel choirs

  11. SHANNON says:


  12. Paul says:

    Wow….this should work

  13. C says:

    Thank you for this list!

  14. Pat Boone says:

    These look good.

  15. A JAMES says:

    looking to find the list

    • Ron Cross says:

      Just follow the directions in the post James. It may take a few seconds for the FB post graphic to load depending on your browser or internet connection. Once it pops up just click on the comments at the bottom of the post to go straight to list on facebook.

  16. Denis Thomas says:

    lovely words God bless

  17. JC says:

    Amen how helpful it is

  18. Rebby says:

    Wow these are beautiful songs

  19. Rebby says:

    Wow..these are beautiful

  20. Peter says:

    Great this is great

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