3 most popular ways to take vocal lessons reviewed:


The 21st Century is upon us, and with all it’s new technology the world is getting smaller and smaller. Gone are the days when your choices for taking singing lessons were limited to your local area. Now if you see a vocal coach you really like and feel a connection with, you can study with him no matter where in the world he’s located. Today I’ll take a look at the pros and cons of the top 3 ways vocal coaches are offering private voice lessons.



1. One-On-One Voice Lessons In Person:

Pros- Still the most effective, most personal and most interactive method in my opinion. You can see, hear and even feel things with the singer in person that you just can’t any other way.

Cons: It’s a major investment in time. Aside from the length of the actual lesson there’s the drive time to and from the lesson; which can be significant in some cases. On average a person can spend a total of 2-3 hours getting to, taking, and getting back home from a voice lesson.

Still, most all of my students would have it no other way once they’ve studied voice lessons with me once. I offer vocal lessons in Dallas Ft.Worth and surrounding areas like Arlington and Grand Prairie. But people drive to see me from as far away as Richardson and Carrolton in some cases; which can be as much as an hour drive one way. Add to that the gas you spend and that’s quite an investment.

2. Home Study Course

Pros: A smaller financial investment. No commute. No appointment to keep (or potentially miss)

Cons: You’re on your own. Unless you’re experienced you often don’t really know if you’re doing the exercises correctly and there’s nobody there to tell you. Requires a high level of self-discipline. Results can be slower than studying live and have a tendency to plateau sooner.

Home Study Courses are indeed effective. Thousands of people buy them, study at home with them and have great results. It’s just smart money and a great alternative if you can’t quite afford voice lessons in person with a local vocal coach. The pros of this option are a no-brainer, and that’s why they’re so popular. But the cons should be carefully considered too. Every voice is different and often an exercise that worked for one singer won’t work for you. In a live situation your voice instructor is constantly monitoring and evaluating your voice and making adjustments. That’s an aspect you lose with home study courses.

3. On-Line Vocal Training

Pros: Study with any vocal coach you like, no matter where in the country they’re located. No Commute. You still get all the benefits of live, face to face singing lessons.

Cons: Connections can occasionally be unstable and freeze during your session. You definitely need a high speed internet connection. You still have to keep an appointment, even though you don’t have to drive there. Prices tend to be about the same as face-to-face vocal training. You have to buy a webcam and a microphone if you don’t have one (this is very inexpensive, however).

The biggest draw-back with vocal lessons on-line using programs like Skype, is the delay. When you study on-line with someone the two of you can’t produce sound at the same time. Typically in vocal lessons, the vocal coach plays the scales along with the student while he/she vocalizes along with the notes. This is not possible with on-line vocal training.

That means people who have issues with pitch or simply rely heavily on hearing the notes played wouldn’t be a good match for studying on-line. That’s because the vocal coach now has to play the scale for you and then wait for you to sing it back a cappella. However if you’re good at matching pitch, have a great ear and don’t have a problem hearing notes and/or scales and singing them back, on-line vocal lessons is a great way to study with the vocal coach you like, even if he lives on the other side of the country.

Take care,

Ron Cross

Ron is a certified vocal coach serving Dallas/Ft. Worth and surrounding cities. Ron offers vocal lessons on Skype also. To book lessons with Ron visit The Music Ministry Coach.com and click on “Book lessons/Log in” at the top.

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