10 Traits Of Spiritually Mature Worship Leaders

I love it when God blesses me with something that I know will benefit the body of believers as we all strive to reach higher heights in our music ministries. The only thing I love as much as sharing something God gave me is sharing something He gave someone else.

Easily the most popular topic here on the blog as well as the Fan page is praise and worship teams. Worship leaders and team members all over the world are seeking more knowledge about how to serve God better in this calling. I ran across this powerful article on a site called Ministrytodaymag.com called 10 Traits Of Spiritually Mature Worship Leaders. What I really love about this article is that not only does it get right to the content, going almost immediately the list, but it’s so intently focused on the one thing that I think many of us don’t focus on nearly enough; that being spiritual maturity in our service. This one is a must-read. Click on the link below to go straight to the article.

10 Traits of Spiritually Mature Worship Leaders

Does your church's worship leader possess these character traits?


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3 Responses to 10 Traits Of Spiritually Mature Worship Leaders

  1. Ogundele Adeola says:

    This writeup has a. Significant impact in my ministry recently.Thanks for sharing.

  2. Tiffany Sylvester says:

    This was very good!! It’s distracting going to service and the Praise and Worship team is like a Broadway show or on the contrary its like a bunch of people with half a voice said hey lets sing a song today not like they are really giving their all in worship, no one is perfect but when we surrender to the unction of the Holy Spirit and put ourselves aside and worship in spirit and in truth… amazing things happen. Thanks so much for sharing this Ron!

  3. SAMUEL SEGUN says:

    God bless you sir, cus am bless through your article this morning. shallom

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