Give Your Music Department A Summer Break!

rehearsal cancelled

For perhaps the first time in the over 30 years I’ve been serving in the music ministry at my current church we’ve begun talking about perhaps scaling back our rehearsal schedule for the Summer. I wanted to know if any other music ministries already did something similar, so I asked … Continue reading

How embracing technology can take your ministry to the next level

It’s no secret we live in the information age. The entire world is literally at our finger tips now. And yet many people are hesitant to embrace technology. I suspect though, that it’s not  as much about fear as it is about that unwillingness we all have to embrace change. … Continue reading

How to sing with emotion- without getting too emotional

crying girl

“..there is a very fine line between #singing with emotion and singing while emotional. The former you can certainly do, and you should. The latter though, is next to impossible to do. I have 2 simple tips I think might help,” Continue reading

How To Get Your Youth Choir Excited About Their Ministry

Let’s face it, dealing with a young choir can be very challenging. Sometimes it seems like they’d rather be anywhere, doing anything but this. Helping them past this stage often means stepping back from your own frustration with it and seeking to understand them where they are a little better. … Continue reading