Dileesa Hunter Discusses How To Lead Praise And Worship

worship leader tip

Dileesa Hunter is a fantastic vocal coach with an amazing voice and a huge following on Youtube. In this short clip she offers some tips on leading praise and worship, with a primary focus on that awkward place at the beginning where you’re first trying to get it started. Take … Continue reading

How To Get Your Choir Members To Sing Louder


One thing I love about the fan page is that I get to interact with so many people all over the world. I got a question the other day from one of the members, who asked: Hey Coach Ron, I have a question. How do I get my choir to … Continue reading

How To Reach Every Goal You Set For 2015


Well, here we are gang. At the beginning of another year. Looking ahead with high hopes, optimism, goals defined for 2015. Sound familiar? It should, because many of us were in the same spot this time last year, looking at the same goals we find ourselves NOT having attained this … Continue reading

How your musical gift is like a Sweet Potato Pie

sweet potatoe pie

Thanksgiving day in America is steeped in tradition, the most important of which is the tradition for families and friends all over the country to come together and break bread. While everyone has their own favorite food staples, you’re almost sure to find Sweet Potato Pie on the menu at … Continue reading

The First Thing To Check When The Audience Isn’t Responding


I’m a behind the scenes guy at my church. A lot of what I do shows up in the finished product that is presented on Sunday morning, but I seldom come to the front myself.  But there was this worship medley by William McDowell that I wanted the praise team … Continue reading

50 Choir And Praise Team Songs For Thanksgiving

50 thanksgiving songs

So Thanksgiving is upon us already! And if your music department is anything like ours you must be thinking “isn’t there anything else we can do for Thanksgiving besides Thank You by Walter Hawkins?? I’m glad you asked! The family over on the Fan Page has done it again, creating yet … Continue reading

Commitment Defined: How To Stay Dedicated Without Losing Your Passion

commitment wordle

One of the most common threads among all of us that work in music ministry is the on-going struggle with just staying motivated and happy. Fighting burn-out. Dealing with the delicate balance of being dedicated to the ministry and still having a life. The whole balance thing is the thing … Continue reading