How to sing with emotion- without getting too emotional

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“..there is a very fine line between #singing with emotion and singing while emotional. The former you can certainly do, and you should. The latter though, is next to impossible to do. I have 2 simple tips I think might help,” Continue reading

How To Get Your Youth Choir Excited About Their Ministry

Let’s face it, dealing with a young choir can be very challenging. Sometimes it seems like they’d rather be anywhere, doing anything but this. Helping them past this stage often means stepping back from your own frustration with it and seeking to understand them where they are a little better. … Continue reading

What makes a good singer? 2 things you should work on

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I saw this topic being discussed among some of my peers on Twitter and thought it would be a good one to discuss here. What is good singing? Or, what makes a good singer? First of all I should start out by saying I understand quite well that what’s considered … Continue reading

How To Reach Every Goal You Set For 2014


Well, here we are gang. At the beginning of another year. Looking ahead with high hopes, optimism, goals defined for 2014. Sound familiar? It should, because many of us were in the same spot this time last year, looking at the same goals we find ourselves NOT having attained this … Continue reading