The First Thing To Check When The Audience Isn’t Responding


I’m a behind the scenes guy at my church. A lot of what I do shows up in the finished product that is presented on Sunday morning, but I seldom come to the front myself.  But there was this worship medley by William McDowell that I wanted the praise team … Continue reading

50 Choir And Praise Team Songs For Thanksgiving

50 thanksgiving songs

So Thanksgiving is upon us already! And if your music department is anything like ours you must be thinking “isn’t there anything else we can do for Thanksgiving besides Thank You by Walter Hawkins?? I’m glad you asked! The family over on the Fan Page has done it again, creating yet … Continue reading

Commitment Defined: How To Stay Dedicated Without Losing Your Passion

commitment wordle

One of the most common threads among all of us that work in music ministry is the on-going struggle with just staying motivated and happy. Fighting burn-out. Dealing with the delicate balance of being dedicated to the ministry and still having a life. The whole balance thing is the thing … Continue reading

3 Kinds Of Songs Every Group Must Have In their Repertoire

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I know I’m stating the obvious here, but when it comes to our choirs and praise/worship teams, things are constantly changing from week to week. Despite our best efforts, the truth is you never know for sure if everyone you need will be there or not. We’ve all found ourselves … Continue reading

Follow The Leader: How To Surrender To The Holy Spirit During Your Choir Performances


One thing I tend to stress often with you guys is the importance of of really knowing your songs. I mean moving past that “I know it well enough to follow the director” stage we’re all content with. I mean really knowing the song.I’m talking about having the lyrics memorized, … Continue reading

The Music Ministry Releases A “Training Manual” For Praise Teams

Praise Team 101 cover

It has been a very long, very hard week. I’m still looking back in amazement at how many obstacles, issues, set-backs and problems I had. “God must be really planning to bless someone with this one”,  I thought to myself. It was supposed to be one of the easiest products … Continue reading

10 Songs Your Choir/Praise Team Can Sing When You’re Short-Handed


Every group has them. Those times when you’re just short on people for whatever reason. Choirs and Praise Teams are organic. They’re constantly changing because the lives of their members are constantly changing. But regardless of how many people we have available on any given Sunday we must still be … Continue reading

10 Places To Find New Music For Your Choir Or Praise Team


One of the things you MUST do to keep your music ministry fresh and interesting, both for the audience and the members, is introduce new music regularly. However many of us may not look beyond our local radio station for new material. And that’s fine if you happen to have … Continue reading